Tales of Zestiria sales have surpassed 400,000

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Bandai Namco just announced that, because it’s the series’ 20th anniversary and because Tales of Zestiria sales have surpassed 400,000, the Alisha downloadable content will be free from February 12 to 28.

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2015/01/tales-zestiria-alisha-story-dlc-announced#2oSLtGTklCKHUzHu.99


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Great sales! I hope it comes soon to the west, can't wait to play this!

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Sounds good. Hopefully they will announce a PS4 port

This surprises me, COMG was suggesting a way lower opening than Xillia 2 had, didn't it?

Ug, I can't take another Tales game already... I still haven't started on Xillia. I can't pass on this game either because of Edna. (How can you say no to someone who uses an umbrella to fight..?)



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Damn, over 400K, if it's true it's a better FW than Tales of Xillia 2. I didn't see that coming :O (the game started at 811pt at COMG vs 938pt for ToX2)

Really great sales for a game on 7th gen.

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I plan on getting a PS4 this year for some of the great single player games coming to it but god damn it if we got a port of this for the PS4 I'd sell my left nut for it. Not my right one, cause that's the bigger one :)

Its still way behind Xillia 1 opening numbers, but comparable to Xillia 2. I think its fair to say the 2D perspective classic combat system is more popular.

yay wonder how long before it reaches

And all for the meagre cost of pissing off your entire fanbase. Congratulations Namco you've done it again!