The Resistance Franchise Could Make Its Return On The PS4

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Does anyone really miss resistance?

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OdinHades said:
Does anyone really miss resistance?

Yes. Specially Fall of Man

Oh god please no.

generic-user-1 said:
yeah, another fps...

Don't buy, don't care, don't play.

I think they might as well start from scratch under a new name really. The franchise failed to gain traction after 3 mainline titles. They were not bad games by any means but certainly not amazing(except graphically... damn...). I think Sony should keep their first-party titles of the same caliber as Uncharted, TLOU, God of War, Killzone(maybe Shadow Fall slipped a bit :P) etc.

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I enjoyed the series and I wouldn't mind if the series returned but I think Resistance 3 ended on a good note so its risky.

Nonono... cmon... we dont need more FPS'. I'm sure you can make something more creative.

I feel like Sony should focus on either Killzone or Resistance (or a brand new FPS series). But not both.

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I only want it if insomnniac is making it.

I would welcome another one, as long as Insomniac are doing it and it isn't given to another studio to work on.

After two average shooters they nailed the third game's campaign, one of the best in recent years.