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Funny enough, the third one was my favorite...

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I've played Resistance 1 and 2. Never got around to playing the third. I really enjoyed the first game but the second I didn't find it all that great. It was fun but I wasn't into it as much.

Only played the first two, #3's on my backlog. I loved #1, but #2 felt generic and awful, though the ending was cool. Spose I can't say whether I'd like a #4 without playing 3 first. I definitely don't need andan HD remaster of the series, though.

I'd like to see this series make a comeback. A trilogy remastered version would be great and then release an all new entry in the franchise...but not a reboot.

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I liked 2, but 3 was so...so incredibly hideous. It was just so...brown. Painfully brown. It bordered on sepia tone. And it just wasn't as good, imo.

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Guerrila Cambridge's job posts mention a multi million IP

Have a feeling it's this instead of a new Killzone.

Please, give me a new one. I want the 60 players MP of R2 with split screen back. And besides that, the game has the best weapons of any fps ever. The rest is just generic after playing Resistance.

Edit: I wouldn't mind a remastered trilogy, if it included the R2 multiplayer. Man, I miss that MP since they shutdown the servers. Nothing is equivalent.

So much more potential. The entire trilogy while not all around consistent was great. Fall of Man had a fantastic campaign for it's time and to date it was one of the best MP games I've ever played, 2 had a decent SP and solid MP/fun co-op, 3 by far had the worst MP however it has perhaps the strongest campaign. I would love to see Resistance evolve with no ideas while at the same time hopefully being a blind of Fall of Man for MP and the SP being a deep experience like R3 with fun co-op like 2 but not as repetitive with grinding and grinding.

I wouldn't mind buying more Resistance.

Waste of resources IMO. Plenty more to explore in then world of gaming then just another military style FPS. Maybe if they up the Sci-fi to 10 or remove the military element and make it more moody/isolate horror esque game (ala metroid/Resident Evil), it might validate itself a tad more. I mean the franchise has lots of potential, I just rather that went of something else at the moment like Jak 4 or a new IP in genre/setting that is underserved