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Resident Evil was not a shooter/action game.

It was something more! 50 81.97%
It was something less... 3 4.92%
It was just that... 8 13.11%

give zero a try on gamecube, its a very good RE game.

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The real joke of the industry is that everything today has to be the same, mindless pew-pew-pew. There's very little room for anything else. Sure, games have to evolve, but why did an adventure game need to "evolve" into something that everybody else is doing already and usually much better? Sad. Just sad. And when RE started with the mysterious merchant following you around and lugging his wares around for you to buy? Come on, that's just ridiculous. Can't handle scarce resources and rationing? Go play some pew-pew-pew instead.

From seeing the gameplay trailers and info on Revelations 2 it seens to be a game that stay true to REs roots. Aparently thats Capcoms objective going foward, making Revelations into a series of its own, and those games will be similar to the RE of old while keeping the numbered games in the series more action oriented.

Hopefully though, Resident Evil will be back on top. I mean, RE5 and RE6 were really bad....

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heh, I don't often agree with you but I agree with everything you're saying here!

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WagnerPaiva said:
d21lewis said:
It was the commercial failure of this reboot (thanks to YOU guys. I bought it!) that prompted the change in direction.

Personally, I liked the way the series went. Resident Evil 3 and Code Veronica were painful to play through (and the story for RE games were nEVER good). The series needed change. Go play the DLC for RE 5 to see how an updated RE1 would play. It was good but nowhere near as good as people pretend it would be. Those nostalgia goggles...

That DLC was not like RE1 at all, it was just more PEW PEW PEW/ Mila Jojovich bad-assery/ PEW PEW PEW/ Mila Jojovich bad-assery/ PEW PEW PEW...


I'd say it was like RE1 in some ways.... 

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Nem said:

Are they wrong though? That is the problem. The OP says it all went Mchael Bay, but thats the thing. People in general love that. Despite th flak MB movies still make a ton of money.

I think revelations is the sub series to please us, the old schoolers. I am looking forward to it. 

Shouldn't the sub-series be to please the new crowd?  I'd never played it because I assumed it was more of the same, thanks to RE4,5,6.  They made devil may cry because of RE4.  RE5 should have spawned a new game too, because it just doesn't get it right.

WagnerPaiva said:
JWeinCom said:
NobleTeam360 said:
RE4 is a great game and RE5 and RE6 were good. Why people are obsessed with wanting games to be like they were earlier in their life's is beyond me.

People don't like change, even when it's for the better.

But it was a change of genre really, from Adventure to Third Person Shooter.

Which resulted in RE4. One of the most critically acclaimed games ever.
So the change itself is not a bad thing. It's just a matter of taste and preference. RE4 still had Shinji Mikami. But he left before RE5 and RE6, which no doubt is a big part of why those were not as well recieved. He also didn't work on DMC2, and look what happpened to that one compared to DMC 1.

Resident Evil 2 is one of my favorite RE games, but so is RE4 in spite of not being a survival horror game. For what it was, it did things near perfectly.

I just looked at Wikipedia. RE5 is the highest selling game in the series. Wow.

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d21lewis said:
I just looked at Wikipedia. RE5 is the highest selling game in the series. Wow.

It deserves it. An excellent game, with bonus points for great implementation of co-op.