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Helth regen during battles? STAHP $quare-Enix

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regin2005 said:
Soriku said:
ishiki said:

there's nothing in there that says theres health regen. Or confirming it in anyway. The title of this thread, and video are sensationalistic.

Ofcourse, there could be since little is known about the gameplay systems... but the person doing the video just grasps at straws hanging onto one word that isn't health regen.

The original article makes it clearer.


"I can’t go into too many details right now, but in terms of drawing from first person and third person shooting mechanics there is this covering system. It’s not like you’re covering yourself from a shower bullets, but there are some natural environments where you can recover your HP and then go back into battle. There are some other weapon related aspects that I will be able to reveal later on."

Anyway this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

But it doesn't seem very "RPG-like" don't you think?  I kinda wished they were to go back to the traditional turn base style of play.

Final Fantasy is always going to try something new in their main entries. They've always mixed it up, so expecting a rehash is foolhardy. If you want old school FF, they've made Bravely Default and 4 Warriors of Light.

Ajax said:
Since auto-save in rpgs, or any game actually, there is no game over anymore.
You die and restart at the beginning of your last battle, so nothing matters anymore, you dont have to win the battles anymore. You cant lose your progress and restart at the beginning of the dungeon.
This feature brakes games imo.
Its not just a flaw or weakness, it really brakes rpgs because the challenge and pressure are gone.

Auto-heal after battles like in FFXIII is also something i dont like, but its not game breaking like auto-save.

But the difficulty of those battles are far more difficult than other FFs. As long as they balance difficulty, it shouldn't matter how they manage health and MP.

vivster said:
I'm seeing a lot of people are still holding FFXV to a higher standard than it will ever be.

Also who the fuck uses potions in a Final Fantasy game?

I used potions in the fight against the three Dark Magus Sisters because Final Fantasy X doesn't even have a decent multitarget healing spell.