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vivster said:
I'm seeing a lot of people are still holding FFXV to a higher standard than it will ever be.

Also who the fuck uses potions in a Final Fantasy game?

Well, i did. In quite a few of the FF games. 

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lol, oh brother... =/

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Um, didn't Xenoblade Chronicles had that as well, I think, would you call that game casual? Honest question here.

Anyway, didn't you guys had already guessed? In the trailers the when they get hit the characters' health bar reduces TWO different ways, I'm gonna guess that this works just like in a fighting game; once you finish fighting and are on a safe zone, you'll recover a specific amount of health gradually, or you could sleep to recover that specific amount of health

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No! Unless it's like in ys where you go somewhere in the open world with no enemies and stand still. I liked that.


Areym said:
I would be ok if you would heal up after battle fully, without potions. In the midst of battle, you have to relay on potions and healing spells, it adds some strategy and micromanaging that makes fighting more engaging.

Now, one thing I would love and in my opinion would make sense is if the stamina/mana of a characters regens rapidly while taking cover or resting. It makes sense to me, a character takes a breather, calms down and then gets back into the fray ready for more.

Agreed. That's actually pretty standard for JRPGs now. Even FFXIII did that. Regenerating health in battle though would just be wrong!

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Why is there so many people bringing Xenoblade to defend this game? Xenoblade is Xenoblade and Final Fantasy is supposed to be Final Fantasy. But we all have seen the signs. This game is setting itself to be a colossal disappointment for fans and an slightly above average one for casuals.

The way in which the recovery system is mentioned, by this rather vague source, sounds more like what is used in the average Third-Person Shooter (recover by not getting hit) than the implementation that Xenoblade and many other action-RPGs and MMOs had been using for a long time (recover after battle to avoid the repetitive annoyance of wasting time healing yourself when there isn't any immediate danger). This is a casual friendly mechanic not because it makes game easy, but because casuals are used to it. It might work fine for any standard shooter, but, in a game like this, it can trivialize the healing mechanic of battles which is why many of these games only implement it outside of battles. In other words, it makes health-management automatic and this is a series that pretty much plays itself since its twelve mainline installment. Its fair to be concerned.

On the other hand, its unfair to ask it to be like Xenoblade . If you want to play Xenoblade, then buy a WiiU. Stop trying to make Final Fantasy XV your replacement.

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Conegamer said:
I think you're being a bit extreme here, Wright. Even if it does have health regen, so did Xenoblade and that was an awesome (and tough) game.

So no issues here.

Yea i was going to say Xenoblade has it and its fine.  

But reading the quote it sounds more like the auto regen could happen during battle.  Like you cover or hide behind something while in a fight and you recover hp.  That doesn't sound cool imo.

Keep the regen to after battles.

Ka-pi96 said:
I hope not!

Me too!

I hope they put some kind of potion or something useful instead of "automatic" regen.

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Since auto-save in rpgs, or any game actually, there is no game over anymore.
You die and restart at the beginning of your last battle, so nothing matters anymore, you dont have to win the battles anymore. You cant lose your progress and restart at the beginning of the dungeon.
This feature brakes games imo.
Its not just a flaw or weakness, it really brakes rpgs because the challenge and pressure are gone.

Auto-heal after battles like in FFXIII is also something i dont like, but its not game breaking like auto-save.


Out of combat health regen sounds great to me. I'm 80+ hours into Dragon Age: Inquisition on Nightmare difficulty, a game that lacks out of combat health regen and healing magic, believe me when I say I dislike the health system in DA:I intensely (especially for the first 10 levels or so). After 80+ hours of that, a more casual experience in FFXV sounds great to me. Now in combat health regen, unless it's tied to special piece of gear you can unlock after considerable effort, sounds a bit too casual to me.