Quantic Dreams Big news is....... an HD port.

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Well that's underwhelming. I'd assumed it would be a port of some kind, but had hoped it would at least be B2S (which would benefit a lot from the remaster treatment). Might consider getting this at some point though. Have never touched the original.

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Hmm, haven't played it before so I would have got it if it was on PS4/Xbox One.

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does pc mean steam? if yes this is a 1,99 buy next sale...

Is it Quantic Dream or another developer/publisher Who are making this port?

Wasn't this on PS2? Why not PS4.
Even mobile master race will get it!

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Fahrenheit was great, but no console version is weird.
It was multiplat back then after all.

I doubt that's the big news. That's been known for two or three days now.


The PS5 Exists. 

Unless they fixed the bat shit insane final third of the game I doubt this is their big news as it would be a slap in the face

Mad it's not on PS4. I have loved Beyond and Heavy Rain. Maybe they're saving that for E3. Or perhaps Sony is getting Beyond and that this year for PS4 which would be cool.

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hunf.... why no ps version???

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