Does anyone here use origin?

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Do you?

Yes 54 54.55%
No 45 45.45%

I have it.. I have never bought anything from it I just get the games from on the house.. Does anyone else here have it? 

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Sadly, yes...


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I do but I try to use it as little as possible cause I can hear my PC crying every time I open it


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Yes, but only for free games and Titanfall (what a waste of money).

Oh, and some games from the Humble Origin Bundle were only redeemable in Origin.

I only use it for the On the House games.

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I was forced into it for Mass Effect 2. (I haven't bought anything from it though)
Otherwise no.

I also have Origin, though I only use it for On The House games. I got battlefield 3 and Dead Space.

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I got it for DAI. Can't really complain about it. It seems reasonably solid. It doesn't bother me while playing and it closes when I close the game.

Probably wasn't always that good but right now I don't see a reason to avoid it.

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Yeah, mostly use it for Mass Effect 3, SimCity 2013, & some on the house stuff. Its not a bad service honestly, it runs reasonably well and isn't really intrusive when playing a game (no more than Steam at least).

I may have made an account a couple years ago, but I'm very certain that I never actually installed the Origin program on my PC.

I pretty much only use Steam for PC gaming.