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I'm playing the game right now (no, I don't mind the 3D remake, because I don't have a 3DS), and got to that Beneath the Well mini-dungeon. The one where the Gibdos ask for items, you know? Well, every single hint was pretty intuitive, and anybody with braincells could realize what they were.

Then I hit a "deliciously fresh" description. That's rather vague to begin with. I gave up, looked at a guide and... it's a fish?
I wasn't even aware you could catch a fish on a bottle, but how am I supposed to associate "DELICIOUSLY FRESH" with a LIVING FISH ON A BOTTLE? Oh, it says those exact words on the description after you catch him. Well, too bad I never had to ever catch fish in this game before. Not to mention, fishes are completely useless other than progressing this specific part of the story, so I have no reason to EVER catch them.

So far, I don't think Majora's Mask is too guilty of being overly cryptic, once you realize the game expects you to talk to everyone and pay a little more attention to detail (though there can STILL be some bullshit), but this... this is just bad design. I hope they tweak this sort of shit on the remake.

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I associated it at the instant i read it.

To anybody who played OoT, how do you know to use the fish to get into Jabu Jabu?? Because to me its just always been common knowledge, like a lot of things in OoT that I just know how to do without the memory of being told how to do it.

If I remember correctly, there were a few times in Ocarina of Time when u had to catch fish in a bottle. Since Majora's Mask is a direct sequel and mostly played by the same people, it must have been assumed the ability to catch fish was common knowledge.

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Fresh sounds like fish. That made sense in my 13 year old mind and I solved it then.

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POE said:
I associated it at the instant i read it.


And you need fish to get one or two heart pieces.

It stems from OoT, you know, the game that Majoras Mask is a direct sequel of.

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Ehh, not that hard. There are worse things to complain about in other games.

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my worst fish experience was in twilight princess i still have nightmares.

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