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Is XB1 a failure?

Yes! 615 40.51%
No! 711 46.84%
Gimme dem numbers! 68 4.48%
I pity Wii U :( 121 7.97%

Little more than a year have now passed since both the PS4 and the Xbox One was released, and as we all know the PS4 is doing very well. But how about the Xbox One? Do you consider it a failure or  success for MS?

Let's just look at a few numbers before we start the argument discussion:

X360 had managed to sell close to 8m units by the end of 2006 after little more than a year on market. The XB1 on the other hand have managed to sell close to 11m units in the same time frame (before any adjustments).

That's a 3m difference between the both consoles. HOWEVER, while X360 managed to keep the same pace as PS3 (although, neither could keep up with Wii), XB1 have been left in the dust by PS4. But does this truly mean XB1 is a FAILURE?

XB1 is constantly outselling its predecessor, the X360, but can't compete with PS4. Does that mean it's a success or a failure?

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Too early to tell. If its sales fall off a cliff in the next year then yes, but this is unlikely.

I wouldn't call it a big success though either. It is like the N64: not a failure, but not that successful either.

It is by no means a failure. It is currently doing better than the 360 did and is beating what people expected it to do. Of course it all depends on whether it keeps this up throughout the gen, but so far it is far from a failure.

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I have a hard time deciding what I think... It's definitely doing better than X360, but is getting it's ass handed to it by PS4... I guess it's all good if/when MS earns money from it

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I don't think it is, it has sold 8 million in its first full CY, and even though that number is dwarfed by the PS4, it's still a good first year of sales and they didn't really do all that much to make it move until the latter half of the year.
I think the One is doing quite well, all things considered and it can only go up from here.
Of course; we now need to cue the users who will cite short-term economic gain as the main reason why it is not a success either...

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

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No, the PS4 is just a beast in comparison.

11 million sold in it's first year is very good. Microsoft has done everything right in the last months.

I wouldn't call it a failure. Its doing okay but I wouldn't say its a success either.


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So far its a huge success for MS, but I maintain that this generation will drop off much faster than 7th Gen so total sales will be lower.

No, definitely not. The PS4 selling like a beast does not reduce the XOne's merit. Regarding the price point, Microsoft did a wise choice reducing it so their console could penetrate the market and grant its place there probably for the entire generation; otherwise it would end up being a lost cause just like the Wii U.

That said, we still have many years of this gen to come, and I think this initial penetration will help the continuing good sales for the XOne.

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