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RushJet1 said:
Referencing an earlier post of mine because it's relevant here. The 480p one is the Wii native res, followed by approximations at 720 and 1080p.


The bottom three are with anti-aliasing. I really really really wish more games used AA @ 720p as the jaggies are still noticeable (Mario Kart 8, I'm looking at you, though 2xAF would have helped, though it's not as noticeable as the jaggies):


The 480p-720p gap is a lot more prominent than 720p-1080p to my eyes.

Regarding 720p + AA, games like Mario 3D World and Captain Toad achieve fairly nice image quality in this way.

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Don't have sonic colors. I guess it isn't immoral piracy if I download it to see how good it looks lol. I'll download it tomorrow and try it out. 

Ruler said:
It has higher resolution but these emulators have tons if issues like with the sound

Usually it is an easy fix, at least in dolphin. 

curl-6 said:
If you ask me, a lot of Wii games look great even at 480p.

That they do, but 1080p on a wide screen display is just simply something else :P

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
sc94597 said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

Hmm, you should take some screenshots with that off then cause imo, Nintendo games really don't need any of that stuff cause they look better without it

Well I got it for windwaker to emulate what Nintendo did in Windwaker HD (although to not the same extreme.) 

This is what Windwaker looks like with the effects (not my video.) 


Well, thats interesting but it really doesn't work for a lot of games based on those screenshots imo. Maybe it works for some games but for both Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword as well as the rest really, it makes it look worse cause it looks like a lot of the color just went bye bye

So after taking pics with Fraps, I think it is the Dolphin's native screen capture that makes the screens look odd. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is just as colorful when I take screens with fraps. 





vs. your screen


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So pretty...
Too bad the much resolution on Wii is 480p, I would kill if I could play these on the big screen

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This how I played all Wii games(I own all of the ones that I played)

For some reason those pics look...dark


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I honestly played like 1 game on the actual wii and like 10 games on dolphin.

Everything looks better at higher resolutions. I played Xenoblade on Dolphin in native 1080p and it was great. I don't care much for high res textures or complicated geometry if I can get it to look crisp and fluent.

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