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1080p 30fps 258 37.34%
720p 60fps 393 56.87%
lol vidu gamez r 4 chums 36 5.21%

For SP, 1080p 30fps. For MP, whatever it takes to achieve 60fps.

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To be honest you can have 1080 and 60FPS but as games like TLOU show, there may be a slight hit to the fidelity of some of the graphics such as shadow resolution or AA filtering.
So the question could be:
"Do you prefer 1080p at 30 FPS with all bells and whistles or do you prefer 100 at 60FPS with a tangible hit to fidelity? "

I can always see the difference between 1080p and 720p but I can't see the difference between 30fps and 60fps (once I've played for a while)

So: 1080p/30fps is obviously my choice.


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1080p and rock solid 30fps anyday. It's when the framerate goes under 30fps It disturbs me. Like AssUnity and driving in GTA5.

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Depends on the game/genre, but for most console titles i'd pick 1080p/30fps over 720p/60fps. If i had to choose between the two on PC then i'd pick 720p/60fps, but in reality i always optimize for 1080p/60fps. If i had an adaptive monitor then i'd probably knock that down to 45fps for most titles.

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Framerate first on fighting, racing, action and MOBAs

Resolution first on RPGs, tycoons and turn per turn strategy

Anything with heavy action elements: 720p 60fps

Anything that doesn't require fast inputs: 1080p 30fps

But really: 1080p 60fps. I'll sacrifice detail every time to achieve it if I have to.

Depends on the game. 1080P/ 30FPS for my single player games ideally, 60FPS when I go online.

Most cases I would go with 1080p and a ROCK SOLID 30fps. In my opinion a Rock Solid 30 is just as good as 60 in most cases. There are a few titles that are exempt from thay rule though.

Also it is important to not that with 30, any dips would be noticed quite easily. If there were dips, I would rather have 720p 60fps (as dips at 60fps are far less noticable unless they are drastic).

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1080p 30FPS