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Aeolus451 said:

You meant what you originally said and that saying, sarcastically?

Yeah, it was more or less a joke. ^^

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tiffac said:
Aeolus451 said:

You meant what you originally said and that saying, sarcastically?

Yeah, it was more or less a joke. ^^

Well, you got me pretty good with that. haha. 

i said it in a different thread a long time ago but..

the xbox division cannot afford to cut the price globally. europe is subsidizing america's low price right now to make the division not bleed money.

There is no official price drop, but you can buy a X1 for about 330€ (Fifa 15 inclusive) at several retailers in Germany. So an official pricecut to 350€ doens't make much sense, because nearly nobody here buys it for 400€. The X1 is on the edge to death in Europe (not UK), so I don't think they will push more money into it. Just selling them without further effort may be their strategie.

To the comment with the weak €: The € is still stronger than the $, so with 350€ versus 350$ they still would make some extra profit, right? (Shipping costs can't be that high per console)

Europe is loyal to the Sony console brand and the PS4 is an absolute juggernaut over there. Dropping the price of the Xbox One in Europe might only have a minimal effect of sales and the sales they do make would result in either a loss per console or a good drop in profit per console. My view on it anyway. I think MS has given up on winning the European(except the UK) market along with Japan, although Japan was a given. Hell through most of 2014 the PS3 in Europe was outselling the X1 in Europe.

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EU would be a losing battle where NA is there best chance (and closest as it seems).

MS needs to win NA or else they'll have absolutely nothing to say about Xbone sales. ie. "Xbox One became the best-selling eighth generation console OF ALL TIME in the U.S." loll idiots.

If Sony get a huge foothold in mainland Europe then MS will never recover and they have basically lost any chance of being a global platform. MS need to adjust the price in euro's to something at least 30 euros below PS4 possibly more. Maybe Fifa was their grand plan but with the failure of that they need a plan 'B' which more than likely is a price cut.

In Europe we don't want a PS4 monopoly because then Sony will screw us over in pricing so even if you support the PS4 this is not good for european customers and certainly not good for MS.

No need to lower the price. If they just made the console accessible to modding like they did with X360, sales would significantly increase.

Maybe because it won't make much of a difference? I hear about deals for the XOne with no results in the land of Playstation aka Europe lol.

Kynes said:
generic-user-1 said:
Kynes said:

I'm not sure, but the manufacturing cost must be much more dependant on the USD strength than the JPY.

becaue they are made in china?

That's what they said on a financtial report, lower than expected profits for PS4 even with a much weaker JPY due to exchange rates.

I've spoken about this before, it is because they negotiated a lot of the contracts for the PS4 in dollars (doh!). 

But this only affects the PS4, all other Sony revenue streams will be benefitting from the extremely weak yen.

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