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Burning Typhoon said:

Last of Us annoys me because of the finiky run button

Haven't had that problem.  

I'm not even going to get into the problems with the story of the game.  Yeah, it was good, but it wasn't perfect.  Ellie knew right off the bat that Tess was infected, but didn't catch on when same was infected.  I didn't catch Tess was infected when I first saw it.  I knew damn well sam was infected.   But, no, Ellie just goes back downstairs, and leaves Sam be.

Tess was a lot more over the top.  "Don't touch me!"  She acts a lot more dramatic than Sam does.  Sam on the other hand, acts sad, but he's a kid who had a rough day.  You're expecting everyone in the game to die, while Ellie is not.  

And nevermind the fact that Ellie is curious about things a girl who lives in a post-apocalypse world wouldn't be curious about.  She doesn't act like she's lived her entire life in the world, just...

Like what?

Speaking of which, I love how ellie and Joel have conversations while I'm sneaking up behind the enemy.  

Just pretend that they're talking super quietly, that sounds loud because you're so close.  

But, nevermind, I said I wouldn't go into that.

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I've never played through a game I hate three times... Hell, I've never even played a game I hate for more than two or three hours(with the exception of FFXIII at five hours because I kept waiting for something interesting to happen). Kinda sounds like you love it, but you're just bored because you've played it too much, maybe all in a row over christmas break or something.

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I haven't played the ps3 version so can't comment about pop in.

And if it was as bad as the nintendo fans in this thread are making out, it wouldn't have got the 95 metascore that it did.

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Are you trolling? I;m not sure I understand you