Are you a Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox fan?

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Are you a PlayStation,Nintendo to Xbox fan?

PlayStation Nation 4life!!!!! 158 30.80%
Xbox Empire rule the gaming kingdom!!! 57 11.11%
Nintendo is the greatest!!! 232 45.22%
Press this so as not to skew the results. 66 12.87%

I dont consider my self a fan of these 3 but the playstation brand always ends up to be my console of choice growing up with videogames

5th gen = PS1, it was best console offering both 2d and 3d games. N64 and saturn offered mostly only one of them thats why they ended up having less games than sony.

6th gen = dont know yet, i used to think ps2 but it was the most ballanced generation when it came to multiplats. Xbox was stronger but the ps2 has more games in total. Nintendo released their component cables in limited quantity so i dont consider spending 130€ to have good video quality while ps2 and xbox have them for way cheaper 10-20€. Dreamcast same story with vga adapter its also weaker anyways and has less games.

7th gen= PS3, free online its a no brainer. Yes 360 had a bit better multiplats but paying for online makes their versions inferior. The wii was out of question, because obviously was underpowered and most of their games had only motion controls.

8th gen= PS4, sony decided to follow MSs example to charge people for multiplayer but at least their console is stronger than the others so i will again end up going for sony.

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I like Xbox more but I do like PS and Nintendo too.

Can I be a fan of all of them?  Am I doing it wrong?

Mr.Playstation said:

So are you a Nintendo fan, Sony fan or Xbox fan and why?

As can be easily seen by my name and avatar I am a PlayStation fan. This is due to various reasons:

1. The PlayStation 1 was the first console with exclusives which appealed to me both as a child back then and as an awkward peubescent teen of today. From Crash ( especially warped and tag team racing ), Spyro to a slew of amazing third party games ( Toy Story 2 and Spider man (2000 ) the first PlayStation litreraly destroyed the Nes, I had before, and all it's games.

2. All PlayStation console which I have owned have had an exceptional build.From my PS1 which is now 16 years old and still working perfectly to a PS2 controller which didn't break even though it was dropped a gazzilion times a day. All PlayStation products which I have owned have remained in prestine edition.

3. Sony knows what's best! From recruiting numerous devs to produce a slew of amazing games for the PS1 to not falling for the DRM catastrophe in this Generation, Sony has always stuck by the consumer.

Not true in my country. It seems Sony is out to screw us Aussies. I have had some customer service issues as have other people I know. Some of my friends speak Japanese though and when they couldn't get a result from Sony Australia they would write to Sony Japan. Sony Australia would then basically bend over backwards to make them happy but it's a shame it has to escalate that far.

Anyway, I'm a Nintendo fan this gen. I was a 360 fan last gen. A Nintendo & PS fan (mainly for GTA) during the PS2 era and pretty much an exclusive PC gamer between then and the SNES. Before that I had a NES but liked the Sega stuff too.

I dunno. I guess I like whatever appeals to me the most at the time. I'm a bit of a slut.

I'm a fan of all. But I'm mostly a fan of Xbox

Ltd predictions by the time 9th Gen comes out


Xbox one :75 million( was 65) 

Wii u: 20 milliion

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Generally Nintendo's games, because I keep returning to them and they usually feel they're the most 'fun'. Pure, innocent fun and clever gameplay. They also have a couple of my favorite franchises and favorite games of all time.

That definitely doesn't mean I'm exclusive though. I play a lot on PC as well (however I only play typical PC genres on PC) and on a PlayStation usually, but that depends on what console gives me the best value and games for my tastes. In fact, in Smeag's Top 50 Thread last month, I have more non-Nintendo games than Nintendo games and PC wins as most featured platform, though the Top 10 is dominated by Nintendo games. Also, neither my #2 favorite console nor my #3 is a Nintendo console.

Still, like I said, Nintendo's are the ones I'll go back to, and the ones I've been buying the longest and the ones where I buy the most sequels. I've been familiar with their games ever since late 3rd gen/early 4th gen and they don't get stale or repetitive. Having said that, should they ever stop making consoles, I'd just go wherever Zelda goes .

Playstation is for life. I buy every Playstation on DAY ONE, or as soon as it's available.
I also like Nintendo, I loved N64 and GC, but I lost interest with Wii and WiiU. Hope Next Nintendo Home Console will surprise me again.

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Was a SEGA kid growing up, moved to Nintendo with the GC. Have owned all Sony's consoles and recently got an Xbox One, but none have the same greatness as Nintendo. I always seem to go back to them.

Mr.Playstation said:
icykai said:
Mr.Playstation said:

I shall add Sega to the poll.

Please don't. They've had enough disgrace for a lifetime.

I was going to add them but unfortunately the site doesn't allow one to edit a poll. Well, I guess everything happeans for a reason.

Mate, this post literally made me lol.

I'm a fan of Nintendo GAMES, and a fan of PlayStation consoles, I'm mostly indifferent towards Xbox, but the Xbone is looking good so far thanks to its unique exclusives.

I'm now filled with determination.