December 2014 NPD Thread! XBO, PS4, Wii U up! Many software up!

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good tracking

Amazing PS4 sales,No 1 console for the year in the USA,good job sony


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Dat domination.

Seece said:
Metallox said:
sully1311 said:

Wii U has had its best month ever according to GAF


I want to believe. 

Easy to believe, best month so far is 481k, and we have 545k for Dec.

Best month was November 2012 with 540k (the 2 launch weeks), not December 2013 with 481k. Not too much of a difference, but still; it would mean Wii U is not overtracked for once

edit: Nevermind, that's outdated now as I can see

3DS down yoy, in line with recent drops YOY.


So it's safe to say good work everyone? Yay!


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Cool we got hardware numbers not so late!

Still a bit sad that both SSB3DS and SSBU are way overtracked in VGC for US. (But they still performed well at least...)

From Nintendo PR:
SSB3DS: 2M (Retail+Digital)
SSBU: 1.3M (Retail+Digital)

SSB3DS: 2,133,283 (Retail only)
SSBU: 1,511,062 (Retail only)

Pokémon ORAS and Mario Kart 8 are a bit over too, but good enough.

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He's also forgetting some of games that had exclusvie advertising and bundles for the XBO, but still sold better on PS4.  Even in the US.  And once SE sees how much the PS4 has sold by the time Nov/Dec rolls around this year, they are going to seriously regret that Tomb Raider deal.

Like Destiny. But how much does that matter when 360 software on a MS advertised game ends up selling more than PS4 software. MS is still getting the money.

I'm sorry.  Are we really talking about SW sales from one month compared to their LTD?  Cause guess which one companies actually care about.  And that 360 revenue isn't going to last the whole gen, is it?  Nope.  Maybe another year or so, when most people will be moving on and support for the system will be winding down.

No, I'm talking about for the year of 2014.

So then you are ignoring bundles, then.  The truth is Destiny sold much better on PS4, all things considered.  Of course, I'm talking about games that MS had ads and bundles, yet sold better on the PS4, even when bundles were considered.  Like Madden and FIFA.

Wow. I'll be honest, I was sure that the Wii U was going to be overtracked but it turns out that it might be UNDERtracked by a bit. Good for it! Have we gotten Vita numbers? How bad are they?

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