December 2014 NPD Thread! XBO, PS4, Wii U up! Many software up!

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X1 win almost certain. It depends how much the price advantage effect as worn off from November.

Guessing around 200k - 400k gap

1.6M PS4

2M X1

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Alright! Time to see how much the Xbox One won over the PS4 :D

TechnoHobbit said:
Can't wait! Hopefully the Wii U had it's best month in the US ever.

Im still gonna win that bet unless vgc is udnertracking it big time :P


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I think this month will be harsh for Wii U, and okay for the other two consoles.


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Boutros, spice things up. Add "3DS was the bestselling handheld" to the thread title.

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Holy shit! Didn't realise it was this close woohoo

Tagging :)

What's a would people consider a massive gap? 200k?