New 3DS XL vs New 3DS ! Which are you going to buy ?

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What are you going to buy?

New 3DS XL ZELDA EDITION 24 30.77%
New 3DS XL BLACK 16 20.51%
New 3DS XL BLUE 12 15.38%
New 3DS White 8 10.26%
New 3DS Black 6 7.69%

for europe only (because there will be no New 3ds in US ) :P sorry guys :D 

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Was gonna get the standard size because I like the increased portability and faceplat are awesome but Nintendo made the choice for me. I probably won't get one right away so hopefully enough people bitch about it and Nintendo changes their mind.

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Angry with Nintendo for not releasing the New 3DS here in the US, that's an extra $40 they're making us pay to get the New 3DS XL. Doesn't seem likely that I'll be getting one this year due to my gaming budget.


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umm... guess as an Aussie I dont count, I already bought the New 3DS XL back in November


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In saying that Im hoping to get the Zelda MM edition... I know Im a sucker for Zelda

I really want the Zelda one...

Well, this is new.


I was going to wait for a Xenoblade 3DS XL special edition, but the gold Majora's Mask 3DS XL is really pushing me to go pre-order in the morning.

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