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Hi guys, is there a genre that you didn't like at all and an exclusive convinced you to bite then it was so good you decided to try other games in the genre?

I used to hate fps games (well still not my fav kind of games) but then I played Halo in 2003 then I was hooked. Playing Halo helped me try games I wouldn't have tried otherwise because they were fps. Games like Bioshock, Condemned, Left 4 Dead, Titanfall to name a few.

The same happened with western rpgs. I was big on jrps before... (yes me... hahahaha) but then I played Kotor. Man after that I started to play more wrpgs.

What game convinced you to open your mind

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Halo (original Xbox) -> FPS on console.

Was playing on PC before that only (Counter Strike). But Halo converted me not only to play/prefer FPS on console now but also in console gaming in general while keeping my PC for MMOs and Blizzard's games in general only.

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Legend of the Dragoon for JRPGs
Halo for FPSs

Soul Sacrifice convinced me that not all hunting action games suck. Just Monster Hunter.

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Well I mainly played Japanese games growing up aside from sports games and Rare, so the only 3rd person shooter I had played was MGS if you even count the 1st 3 as 3rd Person shooters. Then I played TLoU... then TR:DE... now I want an Uncharted Collection on PS4 so damn bad so I can catch up on the story before 4 comes out.

Counter-Strike for FPSs.. I really couldn't stand FPSs before CS, and I really don't know why!

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badgenome said:
Soul Sacrifice convinced me that not all hunting action games suck. Just Monster Hunter.

Inafune, bro.

I want to say Pokemon, but it was actually Sands of Destruction on the DS, which is probably an extremely mediocre game in retrospect, that got me into JRPGs. Aside from Pokemon, I had no interest in any turn-based game with a cheesy anime plot like that.

I literally got it as a gift from my sister because it came free with some used PSP racing game she got at Gamestop, and she didn't have a DS. I played it because "why not," and fucking loved it. Especially because it turned the stereotypical annoying cute character, the bear, into a war torn bad ass. Loved it.

Well, this is new.


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