Besides color, How are African Americans and Whites of European decent Different?

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KingCherry said:
So if there's no such thing as race, and we're all the same, can we all bury white guilt and stop all this affirmative action codswallop?

Blacks are better athletes, yeh! Black are better dancers, yeh! Whites are more intelligent, what? RACIST!

Where in America are you from? I'm just assuming you're American from what you're saying.

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I'm happy being white, but I heard once you go black you never go back...

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Many biological factors, white cell count, specific visual features. Conditions.
Psychological differences are disputable as that's mainly an environment issue.

Blacks and Whites are exactly the same (only difference is bone structure/facial features). It's true majority of whites originated from Africa and if you do a DNA test on whites you'll find they have african genetics.

Racist like the KKK don't like to believe this because they have this warped sense of reality where they think they're superior to blacks. Yet if someone did a DNA test on them they would be shocked to find out they're truly african. lol

As a black man I can speak for the majority of blacks when I say our favorite race of people on earth are non racist white people. They're super friendly and you can teach them black pop culture stuff and they enjoy it without judgement. They also are the first in line to stand up for rights for minorities even when it has nothing to do with them.

In the black community we have this thing at schools called "step teams", where you essentially do step/dance competitions. Whenever we had a white person on the team be it a guy or girl we would always give them the solo because EVERY black person would jump out of their seat and cheer.

Blacks only hate racist white people with a passion. lol

It's amazing how many people believe one race (or phenotype) is more intelligent than the others, eduction and location have nothing to do with it. I'm sure poor places in the world are just filled with stupid people, nothing to do with how well developed the country is or how well established their education system is. Or even the culturalistic attitude to it.

Even if you live in America, England, Sweden or any other developed country if your community is against actively learning and succeeding then of course people are going to be discouraged.

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S.T.A.G.E. said:
Cobretti2 said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:

Everyone was the same in Africa..Whites became white and evolved around the caucasus mountain area, hence the term Caucasian and it wasnt just Caucasian people but everyone else who migrated out of africa who mated with the neandethals. It only affected a small percentage of human DNA in ancient times so really and truly its not counted for anything really.

yer I know was jsut throwing soming different into the mix rather than nose hair

Gotcha. I also thought it was worth noting that civilization as we know it as a structural concept can be attributed to Asian society (The middle eastern variety). No one else historically founded it before them. We've learned much from one anothers experiences after evolution from the various ranges on the planet.

Agreed we have learned alot from another experiences.

Personally I don't believe in evolution in the traditional sense but more a cyclic one were we get advanced as a race then something happens like war or natural disater were we forget stuff and and go back a few steps and start again.

I ike those old documentaries that cover topics such as one i saw about maths on calculus. What was interesting is that we knew it but lost it because of a religious war and because there was not enough paper to write religious books on they recicled other books. In recent years because our scaning technology got better it was revealed that the orignal content of a religious book was basic calculus. Now image if we didn't loose this information? who knows how advanced we be now. Perhaps exploring space beyong our solar system? shrug.

Also there is some interesting things like geomathematics by Carl Munck. how the anicent civilisatons used them. Whever he is righ tor wrong I guess we iwll never know but things are just too coincidnetal.




S.T.A.G.E. said:

Everyone was the same in Africa..Whites became white and evolved around the caucasus mountain area, hence the term Caucasian

LMAO. Sorry, but that was really funny to me.

No, that's not what happened. The guy who coined the racial group Caucasian was an 18th century philosopher, not a scientist, and he just assumed that because he found the people of the Caucasus to be very attractive and archetypical they must have been the originals. After that the name Caucasian simply stuck. Of course the term "white" is relative and has meant different things at different times to different people, but DNA testing has shown that Mediterranean type North Africans are a very old, fairly consistent population who did not migrate to the Caucasus to get some of this new fangled white skin hotness and then come back again. And Caucasian, as it is understood today, includes non-whites like Somalis and Ethiopians.

Being white means you can't say nigger without people getting angry. Being black means you can say nigger all you want, because it's not racist. Other than that I would say it's pretty much the same.

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It's all right that there's no real difference except for visuals (skin, face, bones,...).
But I think all this racist stuff is made bigger than it is. The "white" world has all this connected media and everybody knows what's happening elsewhere but are there really that many racists? I'd say it's a small minority, like few percent of white people who are really racists and not just angry about the criminal different-colored people (and there's criminals of each color).
And I wouldn't bet that, talking about percentage (!), less people from other skin colors, be it black, red, yellow, blue, green (whatever Yoshi-color you can think of), are racists. I simply don't know because it's not all across media, in people's heads, etc. but you can't tell me that all other races love every (wo)man in the world. In some regions it may be due to religion instead of skin color but people judge when they see you and don't ask about your religion first.

We all know the difference