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The things are called limited for a reason, wasn't the PS4 20th anniversary edition sold out in like an hour? these kind of 'exclusive' things are meant to be that way, and yeah scalpers suck big time, but sadly that's how capitalism works.

There's no excuse for some of the Amiibos and the GC controller adapter though, those make no sense.

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ExplodingBlock said:
spurgeonryan said:
People say it is hard to find some amiibos, but I have found both Samus and Link twice now. What else is limited? I will find it over the next week.

Samus and Link are not rare, at all. Tell me when you get some Villager and Marth amiibos at your Walmart

Never had them to begin with, but if I did I would order some more.

I did have little Mac in my hands at Best buy the other day, but could not remember if he was rare or not so I decided to say forget it and I dumped him.

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Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Isn't it obvious? Nintendo hates money!

I talked to a Nintendo rep about three months ago, I I told him, you guys better have plenty of GC adapters shipping, because everyone I know wants to play Smash Bros. on a GC controller. He told me, "No, there is small market for that, everyone will be just happy playing on a pro controller."

I told him I wouldn't be be happy playing with a pro controller, and he called the GC adapter a niche market, only for a few individuals.

Now it costs over a hundred dollars on ebay, and some Amiibos are super expensive. And on top of that, I can't even use the GC adaptor to play games like Zelda WW. I'm done with Nintendo right now. They don't even understand their own audience.

Nintendo doesn't understand its market. Stuff like this and others will cause their eventual demise, however long that may take.

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I can understand the Zelda MM but the gamcube ataptor and amiibos is ridiculous. I dont even have a wii u and im trying to keep an eye out for one for my friend (we play on a classic controller which in all honesty isnt that bad but playing on a wii mote or game pad is atrocious). I really would like to know what Nintendo's thought on this is....creating false demand? not confident in there products? or do they really have no clue about the market and even there own consumers?

I hope they are working on getting more GC adaptors for the market!

Unfortunately this is the world we live in today with Ebay and the internet. Resellers were prolly buying 10 + each on amazon maybe more

Actually all the zelda limited editions have been really limited like the skyward sword wii remote bundle or the wind waker hd figurine bundle

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Lets not put all this on nintendo side alone. Its not like the retaliers are eagger to stock tons and tons of nintendo product nowdays, since there are still some trying to sell their old inventory in some wiiu acessories and games. But I agree that reggie is really bad at his job.

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The fault lies with Amazon and Gamestop with Majora's Mask. They should have limited it to 1 per customer.

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