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Well, Smash 4 has been out for quite some time now on both 3DS and Wii U, which brings up the often asked question, who are your main fighters (or secondary fighters if you like to main more than one character) at this point and why?


 For me, Ness because of his good close combat and spacing options as well as his plethora of kill moves.  Along with Ness is Shulk because of his great kill potential and good range.

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Shulk, Ike and Lucina

Link forever

Mine is Zelda cause shes good in close range as well as long range! And most of her attacks are pretty unpredictable cause u can determine how far they can go and where they can land


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i quite like playing as Charizard, Duck Hunt Duo and Fox

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Shulkas and Captain Falcon, for the most part.

Kirby, Link, Samus and I'm trying to learn Pacman

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Pikachu, Mega Man, Pac Man, Roy Koopa (Bowser Jr.), Duck Hunt Duo, and Toon Link.

Well, this is new.


I still don't have an official main, but the ones I use the most are Ike, Toon Link, and ZSS. I'm also experimenting with Ness, DK, Duck Hunt, and Shulk.

But my main main is Ike.

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Bowser, Yoshi, Kirby and Charizard.


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