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ASUS 23" 1080p, 3D, 76 Hz, IPS.

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Panasonic 42 inch txp G20 (plasma for image quality) more of a movie tv than a game tv, but since I play SP mostly it doesn't matter that much.

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Laptop - Sony Vaio with 1080p display
Desktop - Some 24" monitor I can't remember the type

PS4 - Panasonic tx-p60zt65b
Got one of the last ones in the stores last November, though had to order from Italy due to their being no more in the UK. Took a gamble based on peoples opinions online, and really wanted to stay with plasma. Playing Driveclub on that beast is an omg moment for sure. With the image quality on Blu Ray movies it's like another world compared to the old Panasonic plasma we had before.

A 32 inch Bush LCD TV.

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Joaco <3 N64 said:
A Sony KDL-46W950A.

It's awesome. :P

I use the same TV and agree awesome. Low input lag and good picture.

still hoping we get some affordable OLED, have been waiting many years for it now.

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46 inch Samsung LED. Got it 4 years ago, now wish I had gotten a slightly bigger one. However, such a good TV that an upgrade does not warrant at all.

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2 cheap Samsung products for me.


for console a 32" Samsung Smart TV @ 720p


then this for PC gaming.


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47 inch LG LED. I think I may upgrade to one of those Ultra HD TV's soon though since the price of those have fallen so much in the last few months.


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I use a 50 inch hd Samsung for Meme Run bravado!

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40'' Smart TV from Sony