Will we see a 30 million seller on a single console this gen?

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What game on which system?

GTA VI on PS4 112 32.84%
GTA VI on Xbox One 1 0.29%
New IP on PS4 19 5.57%
New IP on Xbox One 5 1.47%
Mario game on Wii U (10 million) 36 10.56%
Other (post what you think it will be) 11 3.23%
Not going to happen 157 46.04%

Maybe GTA6 for PS4.

But even then I'd say unlikely.

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Unless the next GTA is a PS4 exclusive, no.

4 ≈ One

DanneSandin said:

I would love to hear your reasoning for this; I dont disagree with you,  mind you, but it would be interesting to hear nonetheless. Id argue that the ps/xbox gamers dont really care about those kind of games, but Ive heard counter arguments to that

Even if PS/XB guys were crazy about Nintendo games, they aren't anywhere near 30m-units-on-one-console crazy. Mario Kart Wii had to be exclusively bundled to Nintendo's most successful console for years to do 30m+. Short of a AAA Pokemon JRPG being a bundled exclusive to the PS4 or XBO for several years, that isn't happening with any Nintendo game at all. Period.

Well, this is new.


If Nintendo makes an MMO (whether it's pokemon, Animal Crossing, or something with all Nintendo characters in the likes of Disney Infinity) then yes.

Single platform? Never going to happen. You will not even see that many 10m+ sellers this gen let alone 30m.

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GTA VI it does well for a series that hides in the shadows only to burst out later. Although it might do poorly because quite honestly what sold me into getting V was San Andreas and the same might apply to other people, but I would like to play a GTA in vice city HD Universe.

1 Wii Sports Wii 2006 Sports Nintendo 41.25 28.85 3.77 8.43 82.30
2 Super Mario Bros. NES 1985 Platform Nintendo 29.08 3.58 6.81 0.77 40.24
3 Mario Kart Wii Wii 2008 Racing Nintendo 15.37 12.55 3.75 3.23 34.91
4 Wii Sports Resort Wii 2009 Sports Nintendo 15.52 10.83 3.27 2.93 32.54
5 Pokémon Red / Green / Blue Version GB 1996 Role-Playing Nintendo 11.27 8.89 10.22 1.00 31.37
6 Tetris GB 1989 Puzzle Nintendo 23.20 2.26 4.22 0.58 30.26


no.....bundle a GTA 4 on ps4 and make it exclusive... then yes.


Will never happen this gen. The only thing that has a sliver of a chance is GTAVI, but even that's a very, very tiny chance.

Barring a Minecraft-like megahit, the only chance for it to happen is if Sony or Microsoft bundles the same game with their hardware for years and years.

How many games have ever gotten to 30 Mil+? 5-6? Pretty hard for games to get to 30 Mil. I'd say GTA 6 might get 20-25 Mil. Don't think any game would get more than that.