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no particular order
1. New little kings story
2. New vanillaware doesnt matter the ip
3. Metroid 3ds or wiiu
4. LA noire 2
5. Last of us spin-off
6. Ff7 episode 1
7. New god of war
8. Monster hunter vita
9. New thatgamecompany game
10. New shadow of the colossus

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Suikoden 6
Resident Evil 2: Remake
Kingdom Hearts 3
The Last Guardian
Street Fighter V release date in 2015
Valkyria Chronicles Trilogy HD Remastered
Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei
FF VII Remake
Xenosaga HD Collection
For Day of the Tentacle HD to include a remake of Maniac Mansion into more a modern graphical style.

In no particular order:

Chrono Break (next game in chrono trigger/ cross series)

F-Zero sequel (XU?)

The world ends with you 2 (the world begins with you? the world ends with us?)

Zack & Wiki 2

Fire Emblem Console Game

Rhythm heaven 3

Red dead 3 (retribution, retaliation, etc.)

L.A. Noire 2 (N.Y.C. Noire? Las Vegas Noire?)

Fable 4

Punch-out!! 4

I think/predict:
red dead 3 will happen soon(ish)
L. A. Noire 2 will happen eventually ( by 2020)
Rhythm 3 will be announced eventually but I don't have a good prediction on a time frame
I think a new console fire emblem and and fable 4 will both come out eventually, fire emblem has had an increase in popularity due to awakening and smash bros. a new non-spinoff fable game will come out eventually as well.

Punch-out!! 4 i feel is toss up. little mac is not forgotten as shown by smash bros, but it felt like punch-out was a forgotten nintendo franchise for the longest time.

TWEWY2 has a snowballs' chance. there's a teaser image at the end of the ios port, but it has been a long time since that came out...maybe after kingdom hearts 3 is finished?

F-Zero has a small chance as well...

Zack and wiki 2 and chrono break have almost no chance. but i will be crazy happy if either of these are announced.

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I think for me the op's list is fine. Red Dead 3 and Elder Scrolls 6 are the must have announcements.

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Fallout 4
Mega Man 11
New Metroid
Dark Souls 3
New Rhythm Heaven
Bulletstorm 2
ZombiU 2
Vanquish 2
Darksiders 3

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In no particular order:

1) Prince of Persia next gen game. Go back to the POP roots. Make it more like Sands of Time.

2) Red Dead sequel

3) Quantic Dream's next game

4) Horizon (Guerilla Games)

5) The Last Guardian. Sony pls

6) Agent. Sony/Rockstar pls

7) Uncharted 1080P 60 FPS collection. Naughty Dog pls

8) Brand new Ratchet & Clank game. Not counting the remake one coming this year. I want BIG levels, almost like it's open world. Also 60 FPS.

That's all I can think of right now.

1) Sequel (or at least spiritual sequel) to TWEWY
2) Fire Emblem game of some sort
3) 3D Metroid game like Prime series
4) 2D Metroid game like Super Metroid or Zero Mission
5) Well-made mature game (not some censored crap with poor gameplay) based on Tokyo Ghoul
6) New F-Zero game for Wii U
7) New RPG series for Wii U by Nintendo, don't really care as long as it's got a solid story and is a new IP... I guess if it were by some other company like Atlus I'd be ok with it, but meh
8) Mother 3 for GBA VC
9) Fire Emblem 9/10 HD remaster + improvements collection for Wii U
10) Some awesome new game that gets localized and releases in 2015. Surprise me. Just make it high-quality/budget, creative, and not part of an existing IP. Doesn't have to be from a specific company (even though you can tell I'm biased for Nintendo stuff).

1) Animal Crossing U
2) Fire Emblem on Wii U
3) Pokemon on Wii U
4) Waluigi & Warrior Game
5) Rosalina & Peach & Daisy Game
6) FairyTail (anime) Game on Wii U or 3DS
7) Anime brawl game on Wii U
8) Xenoblade Chronicles remake on Wii U
9) Attack on Titan on Wii U'
10) A Mirrai Nikki Game style on Wii U ( kinda like the hunger games style , with online multiplayer )

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No order:

The Last Guardian revealed for PS4
Half Life 3
A true 3D Mario for the Wii U(akin to galaxy/64/Sunshine)
F Zera for Wii U
Metriod for Wii U
The Last of Us 2
Crash Bandicoot for PS4 with Naughty Dog developing
FF7 full remake(unlikely)
Resident Evil 2 full 3D remake
Deus Ex Human Revolution sequel!!!
Diddy Kong Racing II
Gears of War IV(bit disappointed Epic aren't behind the series anymore)
A true Perfect Dark sequel(not like the shitty 360 sequel)
Gran Turismo 7(reveal, a release is not happening this year)

I really really REALLY want Monolith's next game to be Baten Kaitos 3.. A WiiU Paper Mario and Metroid would be nice too. Some more 8th gen home console Japanese RPGs would be nice too. Xenoblade and Xenoblade with hipsters (FFXV) will only keep me busy for so long.

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