What do you think/hope the Wii U's next 3rd party exclusive will be?

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No More Heroes 3, it could be cheap to produce and it already has a following with the public.

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I really want a 3d mega man adventure game with a multitude of vehicles, or a resurrection of star craft ghost. I think I will be another new ip though. And you mean 2nd party, not 3rd.

Aren't you all ignoring Devil's Third?



Shenmue 3

Developed by SEGA and published by Nintendo: Mario & Sonic at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

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TheWPCTraveler said:
Aren't you all ignoring Devil's Third?

That's not big enough. 

SJReiter said:
Isn't the term "3rd party exclusive" an oxymoron? I think you mean 2nd party.

No, it's not. SFV is a 3rd party exclusive.  Bayonetta 2 could be called second party. 

Sonic S*itfest 2015.
Sorry. I just can't stand what Sega has been doing to one of my favorite childhood games.
But for real, it will be a Sonic game.

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The Xenosaga Trilogy Remastered. Followed shortly after by Xenosaga 4 and a new Tales game.
Either that or Last Story 2. But really after Bayo 2 and HyWa Nintendo has the Action genre covered. RPG needs to happen.

Something Xeno or FF or MH or Bayo related would be great for me lol

I'll be happy with almost any quality game though, but it's a plus if it comes from a dev I like and if it has online functionality and lasts more than a few hours