What's going to be the most over-hyped game this year?

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I'll say that either Halo 5 or Fable Legends drop the ball.

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No Man's Sky.

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curl-6 said:

I know we differ on this, but these days I don't have a lot of faith in Ubisoft.

How much trust one holds in Ubisoft doesn't hold since it's a newly acquired studio that's producing the game ...

Game_God said:

Whatever floats your boat kid... What you write is intellectual dishonesty. Hype doesn't come from Sony's fans only, a game is hyped by its makers & the press primarly or do you think that forums in here have more visibility or impact than Sony promoting it at E3 live? As for Sony fans, I don't under what rock you have been living but they were & a lot still are, stocked for this game.

So I maintain, this game was being hyped from the moment it was revealed:




Some bit, others did not! There was a lot of buzz around the game, buzz that fell a little when people got to play it.

Maybe the hype will die before it's released, when we know more about it, but as for now, I don't see a game that had so much publicity (everyone in here knows perfectly what it is & what has already been shown of it) &  on the other hand that delivers so little, at least from the last previews!

Deal with it, not my fault that you like this game & want to defend it so badly! You'll play it when it's released & I won't!

Should really read the comment section on those videos ... I'm posting dishonesty yet you give faulty evidence ? /satire

I'm not the one getting defensive over here since I dislike cover based third person shooters ... 

Tom Clancy's The Division

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kinisking said:
Anyone saying halo 5 hasn't played the beta

Halo 5.

ktay95 said:
Im confused by The Order 1886 votes, I dont get how a game with poor reception pre launch can be overhyped??

SHHH!!! Stop with the logic. It hurts.

vivster said:
The Order. But I think people are slowly realizing what it actually is and are lowering their expectations.

Of course the Division is always a good candidate, being a Ubisoft game and all.

It's been like that for while now. Most people, I feel, expect for it to score in the low 70s or high 60s.

I can't choose between The witcher 3, Halo 5 and The division :P

Halo most likely.

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