Are you enjoying your PS4?

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Are you enjoying your PS4?

Yes 343 71.16%
No 96 19.92%
Master Chief's voice makes me hard 42 8.71%

Yes I am enjoying my PS4 so much, that I will be buying a PS3 so i can play Uncharted 1 , 2 , 3 before Uncharted 4 gets released :)   And last gen i used to be a XBOX360 person..... I can now see how much i have missed for not having a PS3

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My biggest problem with PS4 is that I have so many games that sometimes I don't know what to play and I stay in front of my PS4 for 5 minutes wondering what I should play...  this is a problem :)

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Turned it on twice and haven't played a game yet. Huge backlog but i'm sure I will this year!