Are you enjoying your PS4?

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Are you enjoying your PS4?

Yes 343 71.16%
No 96 19.92%
Master Chief's voice makes me hard 42 8.71%
AkimboCurly said:
I had one and it was fine. I sold it though because it was so similar to xbox one, and there was no need to have both..

B-But graphics!

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I can't say that I'm enjoying it right now, even though I have two...haven't played a game on it in months.It is really hard to enjoy it fully when you game in ALL platforms.


I enjoyed ps3 but until uncharted 1 and cod4 came out in only had resistance cod3 and motorsporm. I'd no online either so ps4 is like heaven compared. About 20 games so far

Yes, when it gets used. But it doesn't get used often.


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Very much so


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Yes. Currently i' m playing FF XIV, Watch dogs and TLOU.

Haven't played it in about a month because busy but I'll jump back on the Sony train soon.