Hackers Explain Why They Took Down XBL And PSN, XBL Was Easier To Hack

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Infamous self-proclaimed cyber-terrorist group, Lizard Squad, chose December 25, 2014 to take down both Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Sony’s PlayStation Network. The group has been responsible for several past incidents, but today marks the organization’s largest attack. We virtually sat down and spoke to the group about their actions, motives, and the future to come.

The Conversation

WinBeta verified via multiple methods, that we were in fact speaking to the core members of the Lizard Squad. A verification file can still be found on their official website by clicking here.

The conversation took place through an encrypted connection, and as their Twitter account proudly proclaims, there would not have been a chance to track them down. Instead, we took the time to ask about the group’s methodology and ideology behind the series of attacks.

The Motivation

Lizard Squad explains that the task simply began for the laughs, but evolved into what they say is a real cause. Taking down Microsoft and Sony networks shows the companies’ inability to protect their consumers and instead shows their true vulnerability. Lizard Squad claims that their actions are simple, take down gaming networks for a short while, and forcing companies to upgrade their security as a result.

When asked why Microsoft and Sony where both targeted on Christmas day, the group explained they felt it would anger and reach the largest amount of people – more people angry calls for a greater response from the companies; others were considered, including Nintendo, but no action was taken. The group is attempting to stress the point of computer security, while also getting a few “laughs”.

Lizard Squad noted that they could take down NASDAQ if they wanted to damage the economy, but stated that it was not their goal; they jokingly refer to themselves as terrorists, but do not feel they are on that level of notorious mischief.

The Security

When asked which company was easier to bring down, Microsoft was the immediate response. They commented that Sony had recently upgraded their security, via a new system we will not mention here, which took a bit of time to work around, but that Microsoft simply had the poorest security – “almost nothing”. When asked how each company was fighting back – the group alluded to the idea that they were easily keeping the networks down.

When asked how long they would continue their series of intermittent attacks, the Lizard Squad stated that they would continue to do it until companies learned from their security issues – they were unwilling to comment on any timeframe.

The Save

Recently, KimDotCom, provided the group with a number of lifetime vouchers for Mega’s upload site as a negotiation. We spoke to the group as soon as they temporarily stopped their attacks on the networks and asked when the attacks would start up again; once again, they refused to comment on a timeframe, but did note that the attacks would be coming back.

As with most deeds in this world, it is not black and white – good or evil, it is up to us, the people, to decide whether or not the Lizard Squad is a terrorist organization or a utilitarian black angel.



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they are just dicks. end of story.

Oh, great. They have a "cause" now. It's bad enough to act like a dong. Don't act like a self righteous dong on top of it.

Its a DDOS attack... Its hard to stop for any company even if they have epic security. The only way to really try to "stop" it is to spend soo much money that even if they are being hit with a DDOS attack, their servers will have enough available bandwidth/ports that they can take the hit and still service the customers but thats a lot of money.

What is interesting however, is once its stopped, how much time the respective platform took to recover. Xbox took like what, 24 hours to get back online after the initial attack where as psn is still not fully up yet on ps4? Thats the place where I think Sony needs to work on is the recovery time after the attack has done its course. (That is assuming that the hackers were true to their word and stopped attacking both platforms at the sametime)


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psn has been down for 3 days for me so far


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so DDOS is now a hack?

I don't like that they're doing this, but they're right. Especially when people are paying to play online.

Well, this is new.


Dose a simple DDoS attack... Claims to be a cyber-terrorist group.

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"Wheel me out to the curb for garbage day"

Yawn, people who give them attention are idiots. The next time psn or xbl goes down my hacker group is taking the credit.

They didn't defeat Microsoft's or Sony's security, these were DDoS attacks, required no particular skill on there part to be douchebags.