PSN And Xbox Live Are Down (Update Again)

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Aeolus451 said:
It's alright I can just watch crunchyroll or netflix on a pc. :P

I'll stick to Far Cry 4, and Amazon Prime on PlayStation 4  tell, Video Unlimited  and PSN return.

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My new XBone could get it's initial update for most of the day and then logging in to Live took a lot of tries...but all seems good now.

XBOX Live is up for me. Microsofts defense to good for Lizard squad?

Xbox Live up and running. I guess forever meant about three hours. Still, nice try.

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I've been able to log into xbox live all day without a problem, haven't been able to log onto psn at all.

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Just logged in on PSN! HYPE. Now lets see if I can play some online.

Online gaming is working!

Praise da lord

I just want to verify games I diwnloaded this morning to be able to play them. This sucks.

my xbox live is working fine. haven't been affected yet. However with my psn, i can't log in to the store.

Not for me i played tekken some hours ago when this news came out, on psn of course