PSN And Xbox Live Are Down (Update Again)

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Could it be people logging in after getting their consoles after Christmas?

Nah, probably Korea.

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I just managed to login to XBL and most of the features are working now, but a few things are still down.

And the stupid runts tweet stuff like "RT this 5k times if you want PSN online again".

I'm not too savvy in the legal aspect of these companies, but is disrupting these services a federal offense? Because if it is, I hope they get prosecuted for it and the companies sue each and every one of them for everything they have. I hope these "lizards" don't breed. They'll do their children a favor not giving them their heavy financial burden.

Chances are that there has just been a global influx of new owners over the past 36hrs. That coupled with the millions of people that already own the console.

As twisted as this may sound, this is probably a good sign sales wise.

My Dragon Age is downloading just fine from the PSN store, that's all that matters to me.

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It's alright I can just watch crunchyroll or netflix on a pc. :P

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Aeolus451 said:
It's alright I can just watch crunchyroll or netflix on a pc. :P

Netflix works on PS. Doesn't need PSN sign-in

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DarkRPGamer007 said:
wow maybe Lizard Squad did a little

Or a lot of ps4 and xbone got connected for the first time and tried to all get system updates at the same time.

I can login on XOne but not PS4.