PSN And Xbox Live Are Down (Update Again)

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The PSN support website is saying "ONLINE: Heavy Network Traffic"

 Xbox Live's status page is saying Xbox Live Services: "Social and Gaming Limited"

UPDATE:  PSN and Xbox Live is currently experiencing outages. AGAIN.

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wow maybe Lizard Squad did a little


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Yup PSN is definitely offline. It has been for the whole day *sigh*.


Welp, all I can really say is just sit back, relax and fap while you wait for them to come back up


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Have a look at IPViking, you'll see why they are offline.

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Jep indeed. And have no SP games left on my PS4 to play. That means back to Total War


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Meh -__-

It's either heavy traffic from all of the new Christmas morning PS4's and XB1's being turned on, or Lizard Squad's plan succeeded. I thought I heard another hacker group discovered their location and gave it to the police and got them arrested, perhaps not though.

I was playing most the day normally, there was a bit of lag which I thought might be because of christmas noobs, but about 3 hours ago, I couldnt sign in at all.

This is just another step towards another wave of internet legislation and another justification for governments to request data from ISP's.