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Do you want the game to PS4?

this is my dream, yes!!!!! 13 39.39%
i dont know.. 4 12.12%
Handheld? I find it perfect. 12 36.36%
see results 4 12.12%

namco bandais email adress is.. ?

we can write them : )

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The Digimon World series has always been my second favourite Mon game, after Pokémon of course. I hope it has a good story, like Digimon World 3 or Dawn and Dusk!

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Looks pretty damn good but I have no hopes for it being localized.

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This actually looks like an awesome RPG, the Digimon name shouldnt be what sells people on it or turn them off of it. It simply looks amazing. Now if only we would actually get the game here in the west... time to start showing Bamco how much still love Digimon in the west, it worked for SAO after all.

its so beautiful

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Honestly, shit like this makes me wish that Digimon was actually a financial threat to Pokemon. While I'd rather Pokemon be open world like Xenoblade than what ever this SMT-like formula is, this still looks more compelling than anything that Pokemon has ever done, and Pokemon is my absolute favorite video game franchise.

Pokemon really needs to make the move to consoles already. That trailer looked amazing.

Well, this is new.


Is there a 3DS version? If they want to popularise the franchise again, the can't just limit their sales to the Vita. And if it isn't, at least localise D. Re: Code and bring it to the west.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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you want to know what i think of it? well i made a twitter account just to tweet at Gio Corsi that i want this game localized!.

and all of you should do the same.

I hope it stays handheld.

It looks pretty good and I always liked Digimon more than Pokemon from movies to Video games.

We all know Sony domination is a real thing and there is nothing Microsoft or Nintendo can do about it....

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