If Exclusives where available everywhere would you buy a Console or a PC?

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If Exclusives where available everywhere would you buy a Console or a PC?

Console 137 50.00%
PC 114 41.61%
See Results 22 8.03%

Id still only play on consoles since I find PCs have a higher fail rate mechanically, not including all the other crap that can go wrong with PCs.

All my consoles still work, apart from my NES which has limited success, while ive gone through 2 PCs just last console gen.

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PC is best platform, right after PS2.

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Deus Ex (2000) - a game that pushes the boundaries of what the video game medium is capable of to a degree unmatched to this very day.

If I could, I'd play everything on 3ds other than local multiplayer stuff, where I'd opt for home console, and fps where I'd opt for PC... and any other games where the mouse keyboard controls are clearly better..

I will remain mostly a console gamer regardless of anything!

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Consoles only. PCs for me are too complicated and too cumbersome.
All I want to do is play games, I don't have the need (or the time) to worry about technical aspects of my hardware.

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Consoles. I hate to play in front of a Monitor, and I can't bring my big PC in my living room.
I need to stay on a huge sofa and play in front of a huge HD TV. My habit.

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Depends on the features of the options. A heavily polished Windows platform for games will make me lean much towards PC. For right now, I prefer consoles; mainly because I like it better to sit with friends & family in front of the TV when playing games, both multi and single player.

If exclusives were avaible everywhere I would go with the Wii U. Why? No installation times and huge patches.

But I think I would buy a PC only.

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If there was an obvious advantage to develop/publish on either PC or console we would have a clear winner by now. Look at these sales analysis of Shovel Knight and Retro City Rampage.
Sales in units may be bigger on PC but may not always translate into profit as price often is lower.

On the other side of the equation, in 2010 the average gamer was 34 years old. and those between 18 - 49 years old made up 49% of gamers. Under 18 was only 25%.
The average gamer of 34 probably has both the money and the space to buy a gaming PC and keep it updated with hardware and peripherals.

Probably a high end pc and run steam os