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Which do you prefer of the two?

Final Fantasy VI (III in North America) 220 50.00%
Final Fantasy VII 173 39.32%
Undecided/Don't care 47 10.68%

There's a poll going on over at GameFAQS right now between FFVI and FFVII on the main page. About 15,000 votes cast and only 31 votes difference as of posting this!

Poll is here    http://www.gamefaqs.com/poll/5728-all-of-the-other-final-fantasy-games-aside-which-is-better-vi-or-vii

I'd like to see what popularity it has over here, see if we get similar results. 

I'm only going to give the option for each game, or an undecided/don't care option.


Let the voting begin!

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Gonna go with FF7.

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FFVII for me no doubt


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FF VII for me, too.

FFVI was the game that got me into RPG's heavily, but FFVII is my all time favorite. It makes for very difficult decisions :(

But I pick VII

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Final Fantasy VII


My vote goes to Final Fantasy VI. 

Final Fantasy VII is a terrific game, but VI is, in my mind, the best turn-based RPG ever made. Every playable character is interesting and sympathetic; the story is suprising, moving, and well-paced; the battle mechanics allow for a good amount of strategy and improvisation; there's a healthy amount of exploration and side-quests; and the graphics and music are stellar. It's pretty close to perfect.

VI all the way. Such an amazing story and depth to the characters. It is a masterpiece.

I guess FFVII because it has Tifa and Yuffie. Still both are pretty far at the bottom of the last 13 games for me.

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FFVI. The only thing VII has on it is that it was the FF game that opened up the western market to jrpgs.

VI has better characters, more characters, a absolutely amazing soundtrack and a better villain.