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Arkaign said:
NobleTeam360 said:
Garbage, not even worth mentioning,

Hey you're in the Dallas area right? I should help hook you up with a good budget gaming rig. I build around a hundred units a year, mostly for business clients, but I do end up with stacks of parts to work with. I even know a local airbrush artist who could put an awesome Cowboys star on the side panel, lol.

No I don't live in Texas anymore, live in Tennessee. 

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(There's a typo in there, it's Windows 8.1 not 7)




8GB  Ram

500GB + 160GB Hdd

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

PSN: Skeeuk - XBL: SkeeUK - PC: Skeeuk

really miss the VGCHARTZ of 2008 - 2013...

i7-3770 4C/8T @3,4GHz
24 GB DDR3 @1600
Radeon HD 7870 2GBDDR5
Systemdisk 500GB Platter
Storage: 2x3TB RAID Mirrorset on dedicated controller + 1 TB 2 Bay NAS

Xeon X5650 OC @ 4.04 GHZ (Hexacore) - 1366 Socket
8GB DDR3 @1600
GTX 970
250 GB M4 SSD
500 GB Seagate SSD

Crossover 2720 MDP (2560 x 1440) Monitor

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My PC is incredibly old by now, can run most current games at acceptable settings@768p though lol

Phenom II X4 945 stock
4GB DDR2 1066
Geforce GTS 450
300GB WD Velociraptor + 500GB Seagate 7200rpm

Was running Win XP till last year, but since current games don't support it anymore changed to Win 8.1.

Intel i5 Core 2550K @ 4.6GHz
16GB 1600MHz DDR3 RAM
2x EVGA GTX 970 4GB SuperClocked
1TB WD 7200rpm + 3TB Seagate Expansion
Sceptre U500CV-UMK 4K (3840x2160)

Intel i7-8086k @ 5.1 GHz | Asus Maximus X Hero | 32GB Ballistix Sport LT 2400Mhz RAM | Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti

My PS4 is my main platform, but for the PC-only games I play this laptop:

Intel Core i7-3630QM 2.4 Ghz
Geforce GTX 675MX (4 GB)
750 GB HDD

GTX 760

Thanks jlmurph!

Intel i7 3770k O.C to 4.3
Gtx 780 ti
16 gigs of ram