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Worst 3rd party?

N64 10 12.99%
GameCube 6 7.79%
Wii 21 27.27%
Wii U 40 51.95%

So which Nintendo console had the worst quality (and quantity) of them all? Excluding NES and SNES because they had loads of GREAT games. The worst would have to be N64 in my books because I can name at least a few 3rd party games I liked on every other one but that. 

My list (worst to best of included)

N64, Wii U, Wii, GameCube

GameCube didn't have the most, but Resident Evil 4 seals the whole deal. Wii was interesting, I enjoy Wii U's games but they're very limited, and N64 sucked. (Remember I'm talking 3rd party games)


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I think I'd have to agree with that order. Though the Wii U could squeeze in a few more 3rd party gems in its lifetime, so we'll see about that.

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In order from best to worst of the four consoles listed (quality over quantity)...

1: GC
2: N64
3: Wii
4: Wii U

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Definitely the Wii U.

NightDragon83 said:
In order from best to worst of the four consoles listed (quality over quantity)...

1: GC
2: N64
3: Wii
4: Wii U


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The Wii U is the worst platform for 3rd party games. Many 3rd party companies said that the Wii U is the worst and most difficult platform to develop games for.

peple seens to forgot about the games in the first of Wii U. I can only agree that GC was the best for 3rd party

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They were all bad but im going to go with the Wii.

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Keep in mind that Platinum Games (Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2), Good-Feel (Yoshi's Woolly World) and Next Level Games (Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon) are third party developers.

The worst is Wii. Even though it had tons of 3rd party games barely any were good. The Wii U has amazing 3rd party titles with barely any terrible. N64 didn't have that much but most of the games were great. GameCube had actually a lot of 3rd party games and a majority are good. So here's my ranking best to worst

1. GameCube
2. N64
3. Wii U
4. Wii