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Heh, comparing Sega to Nintendo? And Nintendo retiring from the home console market?  And those ideas some people are expressing here...

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cfin2987@gmail.com said:
ps4tw said:

Looking at the sales figures, the Dreamcast, a console widely seen as a failure and the downfall of Sega, sold better than the Wii U to date. As Nintendo has the cash assest to survive a failed console, where will they go from here? It seems that they do not want to adapt to the demands of the modern gamer, and their core user base is smaller than ever. This being said, will this force Nintendo's hand out of the console business just as the Dreamcast did to Sega? How can Nintendo repair the publicity damage the Wii U has done to them in the eyes of gamers? 

The dream cast was the downfall of saga because each unit didn't sell at a profit. Therefore apples and oranges. But yeah, just another forum about Doooooooooooōøõòôöóm. This is getting so old. I'm starting to wonder if people are paid to write about the same topic over and over. 

I've already called out the Moderators attention on this matter, flame-bait threads that achieve nothing except having Jerry Springer Show quality topics, all I got was a ban!


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Dreamcast sold record numbers before Playstation 2 released. After PS2 was released it barely sold anything. But Wii U continues to sell at a steady pace.

Any kinds of comments like this are ignoring a lot of context, not the least of which being the Dreamcast's price in its last year of life: $100 for most of 2001, then $50 for the holiday season. Even if you DID take inflation into account (which you shouldn't, given that average income has barely increased since 2001), I'm fairly certain the Dreamcast was still being sold for a much cheaper price than Wii U is now.

On top of that, Dreamcast was moderately successful in the West, and had a record breaking launch in the US (things slowed down in 2000, but in the end it managed decent numbers). It was a variety of factors, including money lost on the Saturn, death of the arcade scene, and the system's slow sales in Japan (which is kind of odd given the Saturn's success in Japan) that forced SEGA out o the console market. The rampant piracy of Dreamcast software due to the MIL-CD security breach didn't help matters either.

ps4tw said:
vivster said:
How can it be beaten by the Dreamcast if it's still selling and some of its biggest games are yet to come out?

Dreamcast sold quicker and yet was still seen as a failure. Begs the question why Nintendo are still flogging a dead horse. 

Exactly, Dreamcast sold quicker... in the beginning. The Dreamcast had record numbers in Japan the first year and a half and Dreamcast sold great in the west for a full year. And then PS2 came out in March in Japan and it stopped selling there. PS2 came out in October and November in the west and it stopped selling there. And in 2001 they announced they were discontiuing it and that caused sales to drop even more. Wii U on the other hand had a mediocre launch and a terrible first year. Dreamcast had a record breaking launch and a great first year in both Japan and the west. At this point Dreamcast was almost completly dead selling barely anything. And Wii U is still selling at a steady rate and is up YoY.

And also Dreamcast was sold at a loss and Sega was in finacial trouble. But even if it did last as long as lets say GameCube or Xbox, it wouldn't have sold as much because the sales 2001 and after were very bad.

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cfin2987@gmail.com said:

The dream cast was the downfall of saga because each unit didn't sell at a profit. Therefore apples and oranges. But yeah, just another forum about Doooooooooooōøõòôöóm. This is getting so old. I'm starting to wonder if people are paid to write about the same topic over and over. 

If you don't think there's something here worth talking about a) don't reply and b) look at the facts and figures. The Wii U will have been made on the assuption it would return a certain amount of profit, not just profit. That simply demonstrates a woeful lack of understanding business models. 

So your basically telling someone who studied business and law in university that I have a woeful lack of understand of business models.? Yet you are comparing the Wii U to the dream cast. It's a different century, different company, different target audience, different profit margins, different financial health, etc etc. facts? Dream cast was discontinued, not due to Unprofitability, but due to the Unfeasibility of sega as a company. Nintendo make a hefty profit from software releases on the U. Sega's sw and hw combined equalled a massive loss. Therefore the U will sell a minimum of 20 million units and finish its life cycle with at least a small profit unlike sega who didn't have the capital to take the early losses of the dreamcast which would have eventually made a profit. Therefore, there is no comparison.


In laymen's terms, early in the product life cycle a company must invest massively in R&D and marketing. They then recoup their losses by reaching economies of scale in production and, most obviously, accumulation of sales. Because the dream cast never reached that phase, and the Wii U has and will continue to, it is basically ridiculous to compare them as products.


Now let's ask why you are confusing a product and a business model? I'm going to now make the safe assumption that you don't have an mba at 19.


I would also kindly like to request that you change your title as it is misleading. Beaten is past tense. However, as the Wii U is a current console, and the dream cast has been discontinued, this is misleading and probably not possible for the dream cast to have "beaten" the Wii U. 

It won't be a DreamCast. I think lifetime it'll sell 15-20 million (17.9mil by end of gen if Nintendo is still stubborn about the price). They won't win, they lost this gen. All they can do now is build consumer trust for their next system. They do that with continued support and impressive games.
The biggest mistakes which screwed them was not taking advantage of the 1yr head start, slow ass release of games (a little better now. But god, the first year was pathetic), and the Wii mentality ("oh casuals will love this cheap system too! Even if it'll be underpowered!")

If they fix that they should be fine next gen

RolStoppable said:
Nintendo will still be alive and kicking. Despite an atrocious eighth gen showing, they've mostly eliminated Sony from the handheld space already.

Additionally, their financials are on the rise again, so it isn't even up for consideration to bow out of the home console space. And due to the unique characteristics of the video game business (new system means a reset of perception), the Wii U's failure doesn't dent Nintendo's image all that much.

they didn't eliminate Sony. Sony's lack of support and the decline in the market is ensuring it's the last handheld they will make. By that logic Sony and MS and eliminated Nintendo from the console market. Vita is likely to sell more lifetime than the Wii U. 

Please do some research on the situations on the respective companies before you make threads like this lawl


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Sega failed because the dreamcast wasn't also a dvd player. The misstep cost the company.