Has Sony's arrogance cost them november npd?

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Did sony do enough to win november NPD?

Nah 291 38.96%
Yes 130 17.40%
They can't lower their p... 242 32.40%
xbox one is the future of the USA. 82 10.98%

I don't understand how people equate Sony and Microsoft and simultaneously hold that Microsoft is much more financially well off then Sony.

A common argument is that Microsoft has money to burn on Xbox, and yet Sony is arrogant because they can't follow suit? Seriously? When its the same people telling us that Microsoft has money to burn, that Sony is on the verge of bankruptcy, suddenly forget about Sony's financial status when considering holiday sales, it doesn't make any kind of sense. Even if its some kind of cherrypicking.

Sony was selling buildings last year, Microsoft is making billions in profit per quarter. If anyone is arrogant in this scenario, its Microsoft, they've always had the means, and yet they only win one NPD?

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Why was what arrogance?
PS4 take care of it's sales in the whole world while Microsoft went taking loss in a specific market in order to increase it install base there.

We have to congrat Microsoft for their move, not blame Sony.

Why lower the price if they need monahhhhhhhhhhhh and it is not like the sale is slowing down....


itsFizz said:

Maybe I´m alone on this one but I think even a pricedrop wouldn´t have changed this months´ NPD result by much. Imo Microsoft needed to win this NPD really badly so even if Sony dropped the PS4´s price to 349$ MS would´ve undercut them by another 50$.

agreed, but MS wouldn't have under cut, unless they saw profit in games sold.

OP: Sony (aside from LBP3 which seems to not have done so well which doesnt suprise me) didnt have much to go to war with. But 2015 $ony will bring the whole dam tank. 

Why would Sony need to compete to win November in America? They aren't going to hurt their bottom line to try and keep themselves from being outsold once or twice a year in one or two markets. That would just be bad business.

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It feels like an option is missing from the pole.....what made it seem like the PS4 went into the Holiday thinking they would win on hype alone? How did you even come to that conclusion? So because MS who was getting beat pretty bad decided to pull out ALL the stops and cut the price for the second time this year AND give away 2-4 free games Sony was arrogant because they went in with normal holiday bundles and didn't match what was seemingly a fire sale from MS? O_o???? That makes like zero sense. And that was not a shot at MS nor was the sale a bad thing that was just what it seemed to be IMO

Sony has been doing AMAZING all year long and still had a very good Nov. So why would they feel the need to go into Nov and match MS? Just to worry about winning NPD for Nov and maybe Dec? From a business and financial stand point Sony did the right thing. They still sold a crap ton of consoles and are still winning every week WW so no issues from what I can see. Interesting thread though! Didn't vote in the poll because there was no option that fit my thoughts I guess....

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I edited the title a bit, the capitalized "ARROGANT" is a bit baity.

In my honest opinion, if the competition are dropping the price of a product because it is not selling, that does not mean the market leader has to drop theirs. It's basic business sense. The Video game industry is no different than any other in that respect. Otherwise profit would never be made. Otherwise it leads to this. When eventually a failed competitor has a firesale on a product like HP did with their tablets, apple and samsung would have matched them the whole way to the bottom. Instead, Apple and samsung, or in this case Sony, have not played the game of the competitor. It's not a race to the bottom. Rather, it was a smart move by MS. How this could possibly be interpreted as arrogance is beyond me.

Leadified said:
I edited the title a bit, the capitalized "ARROGANT" is a bit baity.

Ok. Sounds good.

Praise the One.

They're making up for it in December. Pick one digital bundle, $50 gift card deals with Walmart. They should win December.