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I think people asking for a WiiU without a gamepad doesn't own the system. We keep hearing this non sense on a constant basis.

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Get rid of the gamepad. Do a slight spec upgrade. Call it the wii 2. And price it at 199 with zelda or smash. That should turn things around pretty quickly.

The gamepad is an expensive gimmick, and more to the point is substandard in its primary function, ie controlling games. It needs to go.

NavyNut said:
I think people asking for a WiiU without a gamepad doesn't own the system. We keep hearing this non sense on a constant basis.

I created the thread!!! I got a launch WiiU .... The WiiU has lost all 3rd Party support which it had a launch. Consumers and developer have not embrace the gamepad.  E3 2014, Nintendo still trying to prove the value of the gamepad and how it can be used to enhance game experience. 


Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U title Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze could be a sign of things to come on the console.

As noted by NintendoWorldReport, when playing the game on a TV screen the screen on the Wii U GamePad is left completely blank.


You have three options of what you can do with the GamePad in Mario Kart 8. To make it easy, let’s just list them below:

  1. Horn: Just like E3 2013, you have a horn that you can honk.
  2. Map: Akin to the 3DS/DS entries in the series, the second screen turns into a map.
  3. TV Screen: It shows exactly what is on the TV screen. So if you’re playing split-screen, it’ll show exactly what the TV shows.

So any dream of the five-player racing that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed did at launch is gone. Any thought about how cool it would be to race your friend on the GamePad screen while he used the TV screen is gone. Something that could have made this safe, iterative entry in a racing series unique will not be happening. It’s a severe bummer.



Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

You just don't understand the power of the gamepad.

I agree that a redesign would be good, but I don't agree on all points.

Leaving out the Gamepad, adding Blu-ray, making it quieter... just no.

For one, the console's already extremely quiet. If yours isn't, you might want to troubleshoot that online or give Nintendo a call.

The Gamepad is an integral part of enough games now and people need to stop perpetuating this myth that it's never well-used. For games with user-generated content (Mario Maker, Pushmo World, Smash Bros.), asymmetric multiplayer (New Super Mario Bros. U, Rayman Legends, Mario Party 10), camera modes (Pikmin 3), dual-screen gameplay (ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker), or touch-based controls (Game & Wario, Super Mario 3D World in some levels, Kirby and the Rainbow Curse), the Gamepad is essential in order to be able to play some or all of the game. A handful of major games don't make specific use of it at all (DKC: Tropical Freeze and Mario Kart 8 are the only big ones I know of, possibly Bayonetta 2 but I haven't played it yet) but there are enough games in the Wii U library that do now that it would be pointless to buy the console without the Gamepad.

I notice that most of the people who talk about the Gamepad being unnecessary generally don't know the Wii U's games very well.

As for Blu-ray... Blu-ray players are widely owned at this point and I doubt its inclusion would be a major selling point. It would also drive the price of their console up, which would do more harm than good.

The mention of a price drop is a maybe. I do think that a small price drop could help boost sales a bit, but it's risky - there have been times in the past where it's only created a small sales spike and then things have gone right back to normal a few weeks later (this happened with the GameCube). If they were to do this, I'd say it would be best to wait until a really major release - Zelda and Xenoblade will probably release fairly close to one another near the end of 2015, and that could be a good time to do so. If Zelda makes it out in time for Black Friday, that could be the best possible time for a price drop that might drive sales heavily through Xmas (the last couple of months of the year are by far the biggest time for sales, anyway). Nintendo could always keep the existing 32GB model and drop its price, and add an improved model at around the price they charge currently.

Doing away with the power brick could be good, though; anything that makes the console more compact is always a plus. The option of a larger hard drive would definitely be good, too. I know a few people who have run out of space on theirs. Extra colours aren't essential, but they couldn't hurt. Same with improving the specs of the console so it runs faster; I doubt most people care about that (and the Wii U runs about as fast as the other consoles at this point), but if it improves the overall experience and they can do so without adding too much to the cost of the console, then it would be good.

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I agree with all of this except the gamepad. If it didn't come with a gamepad I wouldn't get it when i would otherwise. I love the game if only for the off screan play. That function alone makes it worth it.

i'd say they should push  the gamepad further.

- give it better range

- give it longer battery life

-push out games that use multiple gamePads for local mulltiplayer (increase gpu power if nessary) playing mario kart or Call of Duty locally with 8 players on gampads  and no split screen would be awsome

Voltaris said:
i think the biggest thing it needs is a larger hard drive. Considering you can't even play a game like watchdogs without the 32 gb deluxe version (watch dogs is 17gb). No wonder 3rd parties won't support it

You can play it entirely fine. No game requires an install. Actually, no games install. There is only updates and saves on the HD's. Unless you are downloading games, there is not need for a larger HD. 

Get your facts straight. 

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

yvanjean said:
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Would you people just drop this gamepadless argument!? It's so annoying...

It's not gamepadless, Gamepad just sold separately. Nintendo themself don't know how to incorporate the gamepad to make good video games. 

The gamepad is a failure, only five games come to mind that really use it NintendoLand, ZombiU, scribblenauts, Game & wario and Wii Party U.

When super smash and mario kart 8 failled to really use the gamepad that's when you know it's useless fisher price add-on. I'm sure Zelda U will use it but there will be WiiU controller Pro control option. 

So... I'm not sure of your living situation, but one of the biggest benefits to me is having the gamepad with the system. Here's why. I'm playing Smash Bros on my 50 inch, my wife gets home from work and wants to watch a christmas movie. Do I have to turn off the game? No. I just keep playing on my gamepad. Same goes for pretty much every game with the exception of a couple indies (odd). It's far from a failure. 

I think we all wanted the same thing when we heard about Off screen play. Playing from the confort of our bed or while on the Loo.

My biggest problem with the gamepad is battery life especially when watching Netflix or while playing Xenoblade. Nintendo claim 3-5 hours but it's actually at most 3 hours. I'm not sure if it's because i'm playing long session but the thing just keeps dying on me. Might has well make it wired ....

Main issue with game pad:

Battery life
Gamepad Range.... How cool would it be too be able to leave the room and play anywhere in the house. Very sad when the range was only about 25ft. 
Size... It's light and well design but can't compare to regular controller (Dual shock, Xbox one controller, WiiU's controller Pro).
Touch sensitivity... I forgot which game I was playing ... but when your usingthe touch screen unless it's a big button tap you need the stylus.


I agree with the battery life. It is an oversight without doubt. There is the better battery pack for the gamepad. Should have been in the thing initially, but it is an option. Gives 6-9 hours actual play time. That's not so bad. 

The range could be better as well. I have been trying to work on a way to create more distance as my bedroom is about 30-40 feet from my Wii U. Works from the hall, not the room, the walls cause interference...

I actually like the size. I found it large at first, never heavy like a bunch of poeple have said lol, but the more I use it, the more I enjoy the size. When I use a normal controller it feels like my hands are super close together and I want them farther away from each other, weird I know. It feels very natural for me now and I very much enjoy it. It oddly has become my controller of choice even for smash (yeah yeah, blasphemy I know). 

I actually haven't had any issues with the touch pad. Since it's pressure sensitive, the point with the most pressure is where it reads it as opposed to capacative where it's where it is first touched. I have farily thick fingers (work with my hands) so I actually have much better results from the gamepad than my phone lol. 

I do understand people's concerns, but there are always limitations to technology, especially with budget technology. To get a similar result with the PS4, you need the PS4 ($400 ish) and a Vita ($250 ish). Even with that, the result isn't nearly as good for the most part. Just gotta deal with what ya got. 

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

McGilliguts said:
Get rid of the gamepad. Do a slight spec upgrade. Call it the wii 2. And price it at 199 with zelda or smash. That should turn things around pretty quickly.

The gamepad is an expensive gimmick, and more to the point is substandard in its primary function, ie controlling games. It needs to go.

Well... You haven't used one. At least any more than a demo at a store lol.

Gotta figure out how to set these up lol.

wii U without gamepad is not a wii U. It is integrated to the system.

But they could redefine the gamepad. Smaller screen, so that there many advantages:
-It can look more like a controller(and dummies wont call it a big piece of junk)
-more battery life
-more dpi in screen, that makes the image quality better
-It can cost less.