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Obviously games later in the gen will look better do to develope being more familiar with the hardware but I'm not sure the difference will be as big as last gen.

From what I hear, PS3 was a pain in the ass to develop for while PS4 is much easier so in theory developers should be able to show what it's potential much earlier in its life.

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Intrinsic said:
PwerlvlAmy said:
I dont think we'll see a big improvement from early to end gen as we did last gen

I think "big improvemenet" is inherently setting the bar a little too high, especially if we are to make our assertions from the pics shown in the OP. However, I strongly believe that we will at least see a similar increase in fidelity and/or perfromance this gen like veery single console generation before this one. 

With how games are made, and how consoles are structured, its pretty much impossible to not see improvements as the gen progresses. Unless you want to believe that right now they are using the hardware as efficeintly as they possibly can. 

I think it will be minimal progress at best, maybe a slight change in the lighting,but not that big. 


We'll see though

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Nice thread hopefully people realize this. Some developer will even purposely downgrade the game to realease it faster and to save the tweaking for the next game. Most first of the gen games have been made from specs Sony tells them years before the release of the console, they have no idea in the final specs and in the PS4's case the RAM bascially got doubled last min, there making a game with low balled specs.

After two or three years you'll see games much better then whats coming out now, I wish people would realize this, it happens every gen.

I think the real problem is that the PS3 was a complete pain to work with.

The PS4 and Xbox One aren't, so I doubt that we'll find the same optimisation gains. But there should still be some decent growth

The concern is that Killzone Shadow Fall still looks the best to me. Second Son was a tad better, but we haven't seem much improvements one year in . The Order should kick things off and a bit and then Uncharted extend the differences even further. So things will look more impressive in a year

i dont think we see an improvement too much time and money to develop. Crysis released in 2006 pretty much was the limit. But tlets see i hope i am wrong

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Hard to say. PS3 was difficult to program for. PS4 is easy to program for, but also has more potential that devs aren't taking advantage of yet.

Hiku said:
Hard to say. PS3 was difficult to program for. PS4 is easy to program for, but also has more potential that devs aren't taking advantage of yet.

Yeah much this.  Devs were fairly new to the XBOX 360 and especially PS3 architechture, while the XBO and PS4 should be familiar to anyone who's developed games on X360 and PC.

I would be more hopeful if we didn't have 30fps with dips, screen tearing appearing in some games already or having dynamic V-sync or resolutions below 1080p.  There were concessions made to get those games look as good as they were in last gen OP.  Last of Us had some framerate problems with some low resolution textures in parts.

The improvement will be nowhere near as dramatic as last gen; PS4 and Xbone are very easy to develop for out of the gate.

Graphics will naturally get better as the gen progresses, but we'll never a Resistance Fall of Man to Killzone 3 gap or a Perfect Dark Zero to Halo 4 gap on 8th consoles.

These early PS4 games are barely tuned and truly optimized for it. There will be huge improvement down the line by the top developers.

While we will see improvments in graphics as the gen goes on, we won't see as big of a jump as last gen. Last gen was the first HD gen, which meant that devs had to figure out how to optimize their games for the new standard. Just take a look at how much Nintendo is struggling with adapting to HD. This time around, the devs know what they're doing.

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