Did Sony do more harm than good at the PS experience?

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So all in all the show itself was decent but the way they handled the Limited edition 20th Anniversary ps4s was a nightmare and left a bitter taste in many peoples mouths.  First off the mislead everyone by stating days before that they would have important information about how to order the anniversary ps4 during the keynotes and yet they didn't say anything at all on how to order it, that itself was a 2 hour sitting.  Then from outside sources rumor was that they would release something on Twitter, which they ended up putting up a statement an hours later saying "they will tweet out a link soon".  Then another 2 hours pass and they finally Tweet the link.  So far they dragged people along all day for about 5 hours.  So if you were lucky enough to hear from someone to go to Twitter you would find the link and it would lead you to a crashing website with error messages out the ahole. 

  I was sitting watching the entire event unfold with a few friends who were sitting beside me with laptops very excited to try and get this because they were die hard ps1 fans from the beginning and waiting for a cool limited edition console to make the plunge into next gen.  So after finally getting their anniversary Ps4's in their shopping carts and all the way to the final stage in checkout with paypal....the site crashes again.  They literally had those ps4's in their shopping carts for about 2 hours since the tweet refreshing furiously and finally they were removed and left out in the cold.  Now, my buddies are so pissed off they are seriously considering not even bothering with ps this gen and just playing PC for 3rd party games and Wii U for exclusives.   Why would Sony want to let so many people down on such a big weekend for them that is suppose to be very special.

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Why would anyone be rewarded with a rare item without any effort?

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I'm sure everyone was watching only for the talk about the special edition PS4...

Seriously, if you and your friends are that fickle with your PS support I'm not sure why you even wanted this edition in the first place. It's meant for the fans, and fans don't leave a system just because they can't get a rare special edition

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Wow that's amazing, considering skipping playstation for a generation because they didn't talk about the 20th anniversary console at the experience.... hahaha what?

I'm sure this did very little harm to Sony at all. If someones willing to wait for hours for information on a 20th anniversary console they're not going to skip PlayStation just because of this. 


Also if they were more focused on this then the games.... wtf?

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Ha they got their jimmies so rustled, wow i don't know how some people will ever make it in the real world. My boss was a meanie so i wont do the assignment, is really gonna work wonders.

what is it with gamer's and their pathetic entitlement issues ?

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Firstly, your friends dont deserve the consoles.
Secondly, welcome to buying something so damn rare online. Their would have been a shit ton of people trying to buy but their was only 12300 (well less actually) to go round. Site was bound to crash and people were bound to miss out.

Nope, i'm even more set on getting a ps4 now.

Your friends sound like little bitches

Absolutely no chance at all.

The vast majority of people didn't watch the event for some special edition console. They watched for the games.

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Kelzus said:
Your friends sound like little bitches

Well one was a chick if that counts