Let us pray to God. Persona 5, this weekend?

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KazumaKiryu said:
Carl2291 said:

This has since been removed from Twitter, and the guy works for Sony.


oh my god, what is this... ? we will really see anything - is it offical ?

Please a story trailer *-*

it will be a trailer featuring the online mode and how to use the IOs companion app LMAO!

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Yeh I've already performed a blood ritual

The most happy person is a person who hope a lot but never expecting to much, be grateful for what is about to come, , i just hope for the best

Let's have a prayer circle!

a few hours ....:)

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So that was underwhelming...

It lasted as long as the Vita scene did


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Don't even know if it's coming to Europe

Munkeh111 said:
Don't even know if it's coming to Europe


NOT coming to Europe right now.

Please Atlus, don't be scumbag and region lock this game like you did Arena!

Guys, there is still Jump Festa next, next week. That's like Tokyo game show 2. They will be showing and announcing a lot in that event. Persona 5, Level 5's ps4 game, more FFXV, maybe even Kh3 might be shown there.