Do the Video Game Awards need a new host already?

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I'm just hoping for a better show next year. There weren't much annoucements.

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Carl2291 said:
Geoff created and funded it. Geoff also has the pull of the general gaming audience and is well liked by many people in the industry.

The fact that he funded the event tells you all you need to know about GK, despite the constant Dorito Pope shit that gets thrown at him, he damn well loves this industry and the industry itself is better with him doing his thing.

Keep Geoff at it, expand a little on what he just did and give him a respectable co-host. It will be great.

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I think the show was much better this year than all the years before it. It needs to be fine tuned from the current product presented this year. A bit more focus on awards. I love how people care more about announcements at an award show than they do the awards. Imagine if Oscars had movie trailers being the focus for 75% of the production.


TiagoCosta said:
AZWification said:

Nope.. I think  Geoff is a decent enough host!

My only problem with him is how he overhypes everything, as a host I have no complains.

Eh.. I don't follow him too much, so that's not really an issue for me!

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He needs a co-host that's a veteran on shows presentation.

Somebody professional, with a presence in front of the camera. That basically eliminates all YT weirdos.

Give devs and game industry folks little air time. Every time they get in front of the camera, most of them make a fool of themselves. Awkward speeches, cell phone on stage, etc...

With all of that it's hard to take these award shows seriously. I bet if one of the late shows host was there, everyone would have their best behaviors on.

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Last year was a better show with much more new game footage.

Do you have fun playing a console different than mine?


I didn't watch it, but... it's an award show. By definition, it can't be good.

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I think the host is fine, they just need more new content


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