Do the Video Game Awards need a new host already?

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I have no idea who the host was. Put Reggie as host!

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After last year with joel mchale on as co host, geoff keigley seems like a saint for videogames. As for your other proposals. Adam sessler= good pick. Boogie= no. Just no. He is foremost a comedian and although he is extremely knowledgable and thoughtfull about the industry, his main branding is the stereotypical francis. That is not what we need to be associated with even though he isnt 'acting' on screen. Ice T, why? Lets bring out loiter squad again from last year aswell then?. Big bird, who?

They need a new format. I think Geoff does fine as host.

Geoff really never had much camera time, he mostly left it for his guest. I thought he was quite good. And I'm sure the guy who is paying for this thing is going to want to host it(Geoff).

It still needs to improve on that adience. They were so out of it. And the jokes still don't work. Plus it moved a bit slow near the middle until Zelda.


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Geoff did a good job, the guests were the bad part.. and the show itself was really underwhelming.

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Don't see anything wrong with Geoff... but there were jokes? I didn't even notice.

It could have done with some actual announcements, and without the 3 minutes breaks every 10 minutes. Also the Before trailer was REALLLY boring. It was just 3 minutes of showing cavemen in different environments absolutely nothing happened.



So boring..... doesn't even tell you anything about the game.

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Nope.. I think  Geoff is a decent enough host!

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AZWification said:

Nope.. I think  Geoff is a decent enough host!

My only problem with him is how he overhypes everything, as a host I have no complains.

Jimmy Fallon would probably be a good host if they could afford him...

Geoff created and funded it. Geoff also has the pull of the general gaming audience and is well liked by many people in the industry.

The fact that he funded the event tells you all you need to know about GK, despite the constant Dorito Pope shit that gets thrown at him, he damn well loves this industry and the industry itself is better with him doing his thing.

Keep Geoff at it, expand a little on what he just did and give him a respectable co-host. It will be great.