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Tomb raider is not a series that is a must play for me and I have no interest in fighting games. I'm honestly surprised that devs today would agree to exclusivity but it's good for consoles though. I don't understand why some people are getting worked up over it. Exclusives are a console's lifeblood and they need them to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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I think TR will have more impact because the previous installment was really accepted well by the gaming community while Street Fighter took some heat with their Super Mega Ultra or whatever editions Capcom keeps putting out. lol!

And didn't Street Fighter IV sold better on the PS3 than the 360? I think that's already a good gauge of nothing will change much with the SF exclusivity.

well TR is going to other systems, but can we say SF is going to ONE?

Abaddon said:
Well i'd say Tomb Raider cause so many people were "disgusted" by MS for times exclusivity whereas everyone is cool with SF exclusivity. Get the sarcasm? Its right there for obvious reasons.

Please don't speak for me and all the other people who have done no such thing. I am a Sony fan and I expressed my disappointment in both cases. I find this an absolutely terrible practice. Then again, it hasn't even been announced yet, so I'll wait for details. Also, if it turns out to be a Bayonetta 2/Titanfall scenario, then I don't think it's as bad. 

Street Fighter is the bigger franchise and the most popular in it's genre. As someone has said, this will single-handedly tilt the fighting game fans to ps4, as most other popular fighting games (unless moneyhatted by MS as retaliation) are or will be available on ps4. Most professional SF players (Daigo, Poongko etc) use Xbox360 for online matches. But now they have no choice but to either migrate to PC or PS4 if they want to continue their SF career.

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I dont think that SF will be exclusiv. they but out so many freaking version, one will surely come to xbone.

My opinion, RoTR is more expensive, but SFV is more important.

It should cost more to get RoTR to go exclusive because:
- Tomb Raider was an expensive game to make, and presumably RoTR will be as big or bigger.
- Tomb Raider sold majority share on PS3 & PS4, and it's spiritual home was on PlayStation.
- PS4 has a bigger userbase, especially in Europe where Tomb Raider sells best.

RoTR is less important because:
- While PS4 fans will be disappointed, they will have Uncharted 4 to play.

It should've cost less for Sony to get SFV to go exclusive because:
- SF is unlikely to have the production costs of Tomb Raider.
- SF IV sold majority share on PlayStation.
- PS4 has a bigger userbase.

SFV is more important because:
- SF has a big following and e-sport status.
- More people bought SF IV than Tomb Raider.
- People who like SF are not going to be happy with substitutes.
- SF is popular in Japan, so it adds a reason to get a PS4 there, where western games haven't had much impact.

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Well, I think in the general marketplace, TR is the bigger deal here. But I think TR is timed and SF may not actual come to X1. However, one of it inevitable iterations will :).

Puppyroach said:
Well, I think in the general marketplace, TR is the bigger deal here. But I think TR is timed and SF may not actual come to X1. However, one of it inevitable iterations will :).

Well you're wrong because according to VGC SF IV has sold 7.97 million units while Tomb Raider has sold 5.22 million units (with digital sales its over 7 million but then even SF IV has digital sales).

Kyuu said:
Barkley said:
Tombraider sold 3.5 million on ps3+360
SF4 sold 6.8 million on ps3+360

So i'd have to go with SF5 being a bigger deal.

These numbers are a bit misleading though beause the Fighting genre is on decline unlike Shooting which keeps thriving.

Wait until you see the decline in Tomb Raider.  TR was big on PlayStation, and especially in Europe.

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