Sakurai Not To Be Involved In Next Smash!?

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Bad News

Yes 9 40.91%
No 5 22.73%
Maybe So 7 31.82%
See Results 1 4.55%

According to eurogamer: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-12-04-super-smash-bros-creator-says-wii-u-version-is-likely-his-last

Discuss your thoughts on this, will it hinder the production levels of smash?

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Not really. As Sakurai says this is is how he feels after every Smash game. Doesnt mean anything

It's sad, but it's not bad. Nintendo won't let the series die nor let it go to shit.

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I believe that the Smash franchise would be perfectly fine without Sakurai! It's not going to be the end of world if he stops working on the franchise imo..

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He said that during Melee. And now he's made two more games.

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