Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

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Fusioncode said:
Still have my aqua blue.

that blue tri-color thing seems to have been the most popular. i never understood the appeal, it always looked pretty awful compared with the red/purple/jet black models... everyone I see with an og 3ds has had a blue one. bizarre.

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Got the Zelda limited original.


Aqua blue owner here...
My boyfriend has the red one...
I wanted the purple one, but I would have ended up waiting forever...
Mine has a bunch if minor issues; the day after I decided to replace it, Nintendo revealed the New 3DS...
I figured I could wait a little while longer...

Have a nice day...

Yes, and I wish I had a 2ds

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Yes, I stick to the original 3DS.

It has immensely superior build quality compared to the 3DS XL and 2DS models.

I have the Zelda 25th anniversary one, while my girlfriend has the pink one.

Not me. traded in original for $100. Bought a Xl with Mario Kart for $150.

So cost me like $10-20 to upgrade I guess.

Well, considering the New 3DS hasn't launched in all regions yet, I'd imagine most 3DS owners have the original or XL. I don't plan to buy the New 3DS when it launches in here in the US, unless it gets a must-have game for me.

I still own the standard 3DS. I'm not interested in the XL, because I feel there's no reason to pay more for a bigger screen if the resolution is the same.

I will almost certainly hold on to my current 3DS anyway, since the Cobalt Blue color had limited availability in North America (Curse you Nintendo, for region locking!)

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Yup, and mine is in horrible condition. I got the Flame Red version with Mario 3D Land for Christmas. The stylus is jammed in the wrong way (most likely stuck forever), there's scratches on the red glossy back, paint chipped off, and the top screen has vertical lines on both sides from rubbing against the tough screen while the system is closed. I haven't replaced it because:
1) I have much better things to spend money on than a new version of a system I already own.
2) I've grown an emotional attachment to the thing.
3) I need a system that can also play DS games.

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I still have the original DS.

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