Anybody else still have the orignal 3DS?

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Actually I still having original 2011 Edition which i got Themed like OoT 3D, planning to get N3DS later, maybe on Late 2015 but separately of Christmas.

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I have the original and I'm upgrading to the New 3DS once it gets released.

I got a blue original 3DS one month after launch, still going strong. Never saw the need to buy a XL since the original has a better screen and sound quality, and, IMO, looks a lot better and I like the extra portability it brings thanks to the small screens. I'll probably be buying a New 3DS once it releases, though, the wooden faceplate looks amazing.

Still have my blue one from launch, and have no plans to buy the New 3DS. I'm not upgrading until the true successor to the 3DS comes out.

Yes, I still have that tri-level, tri-colored cake, battery suck original and it still works perfectly.

However, it doesn't stand a chance when the New 3DS XL comes along.

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Yes I still have it, and I'm still playing it.

mii-gamer said:

yep, but i also have a 3ds xl and when i have enough money I will invest in a new 3ds xl

Repeat sentence for me too :P I hope they tell us when N3DS comes to the west soon :(

I still have it, got it on launch. I'm planning on buying the New 3ds when it comes out in the West.


I still have Launch Day 3DS
Also got Zelda 3DS XL for my birthday in Feb. This year

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Still have my aqua blue.

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